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Bleach-Free Toilet Paper

Bleach-Free Toilet Paper

    We may not know it but there are several types of toilet paper we could use including both bleached and unbleached versions. The most notable difference between bleached versus unbleached toile...

Bamboo Toilet Paper

9 Reasons To Love Sustainable Bamboo Toilet Paper

    While we may have heard that sustainable bamboo toilet paper is wonderful, we might wonder why that is the case. What is it about bamboo toilet paper that makes so many people fall in love with...

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better For The Environment

Is Bamboo Toilet Paper Better For The Environment?

    Unless we happen to run out, we generally don't give the toilet paper we use much thought. This means we tend not to consider how the toilet paper we use can significantly affect our ecological...

Bamboo Toilet Paper Subscription

Bamboo Toilet Paper Subscription

    Most of us use toilet paper each day without giving it much thought. While we might think all toilet papers are basically the same, in truth there are a wide range of toilet paper options inc...

Why Use Bamboo Toilet Paper

Why Use Bamboo Toilet Paper?

    Toilet paper is a household item that we don’t tend to give too much thought to outside of when we run low and must buy more (and it better be the softest!). We may not think about how the toil...