Organic Seaweed Shampoo Bar


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Seaweed Shampoo Bars
Natural Seaweed Shampoo Bar
Organic Seaweed Shampoo Bars

    Organic Seaweed


    Vegan Ingredients

  • Seaweed Shampoo

    Natural Ocean Ingredients
    100% Organic & Eco-Friendly
    Sulfate Free Shampoo Bar
    Mineral Rich Seaweed Nutrients
    Improves Head and Hair Hydration

      Harness the power of our mineral-rich oceans with our zero-waste Shampoo Bars. Seaweed is rich in vitamins and minerals which promote a healthy scalp and volumizing hair. Vitamin E plays an important part in the healing and strengthening of hair. These natural hydrating qualities will drastically improve the hydration of the head and scalp. Strengthen your hair while adding natural shine with sea salt! The vitamin and fatty acids found in our Seaweed Shampoo Bars provide excellent hair growth and superior regeneration. 

    In the United States, more than 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year. Plastic bottles take up to 450 years to break down, It's time to ditch plastic.

      Our Shampoo Bars will last up to 90 washes which will also replace what you used before, two plastic bottles over the same time period. The eco-friendliness allows you to receive superior hair care with zero-waste left behind.

  • - Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate 
    Natural Organic Cocoa Butter
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Fine Sea Salt
    Mimosa Extract,
    Seaweed Extract
    Bitter Orange Essential Oil
    Jasmine Essential Oil
    Dried seaweed

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Seaweed Shampoo Bars
Natural Seaweed Shampoo Bar
Organic Seaweed Shampoo Bars