Honey Gold Shampoo Bar


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Natural Honey Shampoo Bars
Honey Shampoo Bar

    Honey Gold


    Our Natural Ingredients

  • Honey Shampoo

    🌎 100% Organic Natural Ingredients

    Sulfate-Free Shampoo Bar

    💛 Protein & Vitamin Packed 

    💦 Great For Retaining Moisture 

       Our All Natural Honey Shampoo Bar moisturizes and softens your hair. By far our most popular Shampoo Bar amongst our shampoo and conditioner bar  collection. The rich antioxidant properties of our fair trade honey will help prevent damage to your hair and scalp. Let our Honey Shampoo Bar leave your hair bouncing and feeling revitalized all day! 

      In the United States, more than 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year. Plastic bottles take up to 450 years to break down, It's time to ditch plastic. 

      Did we mention at Seek Bamboo we only offer zero-waste Shampoo and Conditioner Bars? Our Shampoo Bars lasts up to 90 washes which are the equivalent of three plastic shampoo bottles. It's time we rethink our bathroom rituals!  


  • - Glycerin
    - Shea Butter
    - Olive Oil
    - Grape Seed Oil
    - Coconut Oil
    - Camellia Oil
    - Propolis Essence
    - Jojoba Oil
    - Deionized water


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  • How long do shampoo bars last?

    Our shampoo bars will last for about 3 months

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Natural Honey Shampoo Bars
Honey Shampoo Bar