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SLS Free ~ Handmade Cold Process ~ Rich in Moisturizing Oils ~ Cruelty-Free ~ Gentle on Sensitive Skin ~ Hypoallergenic ~ Biodegradable ~ Infused with Essential Oils ~ Non-Toxic ~ Free from Synthetic Fragrances ~ pH-Balanced ~ Supports Skin Health ~ Ethically Sourced Ingredients ~ Renewable Resources ~ No Artificial Colors ~ Nourishing Butters Included ~ Enhances Natural Glow ~ Promotes Skin Hydration ~

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Honey Soap
Sale price$12.00
Rose Soap
Sale price$12.00
Natural Goat Milk Soap
Sale price$12.00
turmeric soap bar
Sale price$12.00
Kojic Acid Soap
Sale price$12.00
dead sea salt soap
Sale price$12.00
Organic Ginger Soap Bar
Sale price$12.00
Charcoal Soap
Sale price$12.00
lavender soap bar
Sale price$12.00
Coffee Bar Soap
Sale price$12.00
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