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Bamboo Charcoal Floss

It rarely breaks and is the right thickness to do the job well.

Great Floss!

Less harmful to the environment. These refills are great and good value.

Bamboo Floss Refills
Elizabeth P.
Great Product!

Excellent flossing and biodegradable. Yes, the bamboo floss feels a bit thicker than a regular floss but it hasn't been an issue of breaking apart between my teeth and it gives me the feeling it cleans more this way.

Bamboo Floss

Thin but strong, perfect! Very happy with this purchase, never going back to the plastic again. Thank you

Great Product!

All materials are 100% recyclable. This is GREAT! Was looking for something eco-friendly and this definitely fits the bill! Will definitely be buying again!

Eco-friendly Floss

I feel better that this is compostable and so good for the environment!

Stronger Than Ordinary Floss

Stronger and softer than plastic. The floss works great and is biodegradable.

Silk Floss

Love this silk dental floss, works great. Easy and smooth on the gums

Refillable & Compostable Floss

Was natural, flavorless, compostable, and plastic-free.

Zero-Waste Glass Packaging

I floss everyday. I was looking for environmentally safe and nontoxic floss that performs well. I got what I wanted. Oh, plus the glass bottle container is very clean. Love it.

I and the rest of the family felt the floss worked great though and it does not cause gum irritation.

Vegan bamboo floss

I like this floss, it is made from plant-based candelilla wax and I love the reusable glass works great and cuts the floss well.

Refillable & Compostable

It glides effortlessly between your teeth. The packaging is plastic-free, recyclable, and compostable.

Paper towels, Shampoo Bar

I never received them...They never showed up... can't give a review when they never arrived
I love my shampoo bar

Bamboo Floss
Elizabeth P.
Great Product!

Absolutely love this floss! Gentle yet effective cleansing and very good value for money. The best thing is, it's eco-friendly!!

Bamboo Floss

Love the bamboo charcoal toothfloss. Great product and an easy way to help cut down the plastic.

Silk Floss
Eco-friendly dental floss

At last! Finally, an eco-friendly toothcare service I can stay with! After trying many other brands of dental floss.

Refillable & Compostable

I am happy to find here the eco-friendly dental floss which is made from silk which is biodegradable, in a glass dispenser that is reusable.

Silk Floss
Monica S.
Vegan silk dental floss

I love it! It’s the best dental floss I have ever seen or used, it’s also plant-based vegan.

Natural Silk Floss

This silk floss will most likely be my new go-to floss. Looking for an environmentally friendly alternative, I tried natural silk floss that'd been recommended to me.

Naturally whitening

I have tried many different toothpaste tablets and Charcoal Toothpaste tablets are by far the best. I like the foaming, anti-cavity ingredients, and it is naturally brightening your smile.

Great Product!

This is the best way to get a toothpaste! I am so happy I came across these charcoal toothtabs! Great idea!


They all taste good and work great. I am happy I was able to find one that is environmentally friendly and it helped me to take one more step away from throwaway plastics. Thank You!


These taste great and they foam like toothpaste that you are used to, but they make my mouth feel fresh and clean.

Charcoal toothpaste Tablets

This is my favorite! Best flavor, best texture, and great foaming up for brushing.