Plastic Free Dish Washing Setup

A Plastic Free Dish Washing Setup

Plastic Free Dish Washing


  Think back to the last time you hosted a group of friends or family over at your home. You cooked up some wonderful food and had some great conversations that lasted long into the night. It was a great evening and finally everyone was packed up and heading back to their own homes. And then you realized that you were going to have to do all the dishes that your amazing get-together made.


  No matter who we are or what our homes look like we must do dishes. For some of us doing the dishes can be a mindfulness task where we can focus on the present moment, while for others it is a project we tend to put off. In the end though, if we want to have clean dishes, we need to find the best possible products to help make our job easier.


  One of the first products we reach for is a good quality dish soap. When doing dishes, we tend to want to make sure we have a soap that will cut through any baked-on-grease on our pans or hard to scrub bits on our dishes. The problem is all too often the dish soap we have available to use is chemical-filled and comes in plastic bottles. These plastic bottles all too often end up in our trash and later into our communities' landfills where they sit for generations. What other options do we have when it comes to having both clean dishes and being able to leave the planet a little cleaner too?


Switch To A Plastic Free Dish Soap


  We can choose to use dish soap that does not contain harsh chemicals as well as one that does not come in plastic bottles. For example, we might choose to use a vegan dish soap bar that comes in packaging that can be recycled. In addition, we will find that dish soap bars last longer than traditional bottles of dish soap both helping us save money in the long run. Finally, these dish soap bars take up much less space in our cleaning supply closet.


  It is always nice to know we are using a soap that is ethically handmade in the U.S. without needing palm oils or fragrances. In addition, dish soap bars contain aloe which helps soothe our hands while we are doing our cleaning. It is always nice to find something that will make doing the dishes a breeze without worrying about ending up with dry or cracked hands. 


Naturally Enhance Your Soap Dishes


  When using a dish soap bar, we might choose to invest in a bamboo soap dish too. These are made up of bamboo and can help us take our kitchens one step closer to being plastic free. Soap dishes allow our soap to dry out after each use so that it does not dissolve in a puddle of water. If we are choosing to use a plastic free dish soap bar, we want to make sure we are taking care of it so it will last us a long time.


Scrub Clean With Bamboo Dish Brushes 


  Once we have made the switch to using plastic free dish soap bars, we are likely to be looking for other ways we can go plastic free when doing the dishes. A great option is to use a bamboo dish brush and bamboo dish brush replacement heads. These plastic free brushes allow us to not have to grab a traditional kitchen sponge which is made with plastic. Plastic free brushes highlight the fact that sadly all too often the traditional products we use are plastic or petroleum based. Adding these brushes to our dish care routine will mean we can have everything we need for a plastic free dish washing experience helping you create a sustainable household


  The next time we need to do the dishes we can make sure we are considering the planet by choosing a dish soap bar, a bamboo dish soap holder, and a bamboo dish brush. Why would we want to make trash that will simply end up in the landfill every time we need to do a bit of cleaning?


  By taking the step towards a plastic free dish washing setup we are taking steps towards a plastic free kitchen and later a zero-waste home. So have your friends over, cook a big meal, and know you do not have to worry about the impact of doing your dishes. We can form connections and community and be environmental all at the same time by making the simple choice to switch to plastic free dish soap bars. Let Seek Bamboo help transition your kitchen to a more natural routine.