Tree-Free Toilet Paper Giveaway

Bamboo Toilet Paper Giveaway


  Spring is here and we are celebrating with an amazing new giveaway. Each month we will be giving away a year’s worth of tree-free toilet paper to one lucky winner. Yes, you read that right you could win bamboo toilet paper for a year. This giveaway is deeply rooted in our goal of sustainability and bringing sustainable products into everyone’s homes. At Seek Bamboo our mission is to help bring awareness to our planet and show how we can all help without sacrificing. 


  We launched this giveaway in April because that is the month we celebrate Earth Day and reflect on our community’s environmental footprint. April is also when we celebrate National Arbor Day, a time to plant trees in our communities and in our neighborhoods. 


  When it comes to the environment and helping others who have a passion for sustainability it often comes down to individuals making simple product changes. By being thoughtful about the products we buy we can be confident that we are doing everything we can to protect this planet we all live on.


  Haven't entered for a chance to win bamboo toilet paper for a year yet? Please feel free to enter our monthly toilet paper giveaway right here


How Does Toilet Paper Impact Our Sustainability?


  Switching to tree free toilet paper in our homes is a great way to move towards a sustainable lifestyle and help save trees. Did you know that 27,000 trees are cut down daily to produce traditional toilet paper? Or that trees take 30+ years to grow. That means that finding alternatives to tree-based toilet paper has a major impact on sustainability.


  Bamboo is great for toilet paper because it is one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet. Bamboo is a woody grass that can reach full maturity in 90 days to a couple of years. One bamboo species can even grow a massive 35 inches per day (or 1.5 inches per hour). This means switching to bamboo toilet paper can save a lot of trees very quickly. 


  In addition to growing quickly, bamboo also needs less water to grow and be processed. Bamboo also does not need the use of pesticides which all are ways to help protect our waterways. Unlike trees, bamboo needs to be cut for it to keep growing which means it can be harvested again and again. Switching to bamboo toilet paper can make a big difference in a short amount of time.


9 Reasons Our Bamboo Toilet Paper Rocks


It's all-natural:


  Our bamboo toilet paper is all natural and does not contain any dyes or scents. This means it can be used on our sensitive skin without us having to worry about irritation. When choosing toilet paper, we want to make sure it will always be gentle on our skin. 


Being Antibacterial Matters:


  Did you know that bamboo is naturally anti fungal, antibacterial, hypoallergenic, and even a natural deodorizer? This means that bamboo toilet paper does not need the harsh chemicals that traditional toilet paper needs to be made. Harsh chemicals are the last thing we want against our skin.


Easy To Dispose:


  Bamboo toilet paper breaks down in water. This means it does not clog pipes, is septic safe, and reduces the amount of harsh chemicals that are needed by our communities to treat wastewater which means we can be confident that bamboo toilet paper is a good choice.


Environmental Packaging Matters:


  In addition to being more environmentally friendly, our zero-waste toilet paper comes without the plastic packing that so much traditional toilet paper can be found wrapped with. When being sustainable it is important to consider the impact of the packaging too. Even the best product for the planet loses its sustainability if it produces large amounts of plastic waste to get to our doors


Grows Using Significantly Less Water:


  It’s estimated that bamboo toilet paper uses thirty percent less water to grow. The amount of water used is important to consider since the average roll of traditional toilet paper requires around 37 gallons of water to produce. Using less water also means that bamboo can be grown in areas that would be too dry to effectively grow trees.


Produces More Oxygen:


  Bamboo forests produce up to 30 times more oxygen and absorb over 35 times more carbon than trees. This on top of needing to be harvested to grow means using bamboo for toilet paper is a great way to create sustainable and thriving ecosystems. Using our bamboo toilet paper is a way to have a breath of fresh air.


Protect Our Ecosystems:


  Bamboo can help repair damaged or infertile soil and can be grown in places trees can’t. 

  In addition, bamboo is harvested sustainably, often by hand, so it does not destroy ecosystems or harm local wildlife that is nearby. This means that bamboo farmers can thrive without harming their local fauna and flora.


Strength Sheet By Sheet:


  Bamboo toilet paper is strong enough for our every need. No one wants toilet paper which falls apart making our bamboo toilet paper the way to go. In addition, since it is strong, we use less of it to get the job done which is both good for the environment and our pocketbooks in the long run.


Softer Than It's Cotton Counterpart: 


  Bamboo toilet paper is very soft and bamboo products in general are said to be even softer than cotton. Having a toilet paper which pampers ourselves when we use it is sure to make us feel good and be ready to face our days. Just because we want to be sustainable does not mean that we must give up the softness that we crave.


  For all these reasons and more we have chosen to give away a year’s worth of tree-free toilet paper each month. Bamboo toilet paper is a great way to be more sustainable. Why not enter to win to help yourself move from traditional toilet paper to sustainable and eco friendly bamboo toilet paper?