straight blade vs safety razor

Straight Razor vs Safety Razor

Straight Razor vs Safety Razor

Straight Razor vs Safety Razor

  For those of us who shave there are two main types of razors: straight razors and safety razors. So what are the differences between these two types of razors? The main difference is the type of blade that is used. What are the pros and cons of each type? To answer this question let us explore everything we might need to know about straight and safety razors. In the end knowing which type of razor to use comes down to knowing what type of shaving experience you would like to have. 

What are different types of Razors?

  The first thing that most people notice about a straight razor is its blade. On a straight razor the blade is long and exposed. This type of blade means you need to take care to prevent accidental injury to yourself or others. The need for extra care means there is a much longer learning curve to understand how to use a straight razor properly. In addition straight razor blades also require honing and sharpening and need to be stroped each time before use to prevent the blade from becoming dull. To strop means running the blade over a material, most often leather, to polish the edge and work off any burr left behind by sharpening stones. Eventually straight razors require specialist sharpenings. What about safety razor for women specifically?

  On the other hand safety razors use removable or disposable razor blades that lock into place on the razor’s head. This means safely razors are often more convenient because you can simply throw away the blade and reach for a new one whenever it becomes dull. In addition the protector between the blade and your skin means they are less likely to cause serious harm and have a shorter learning curve. While you may still have occasional nicks when shaving with a safety razor in general you have a lot less than when using a straight razor. This is great news for ladies reading and wondering, what about safety razor for women specifically?  

Safety Razor Pros

One of the main benefits of using a straight razor is that this type of razor is typically very well made and sturdy. In addition straight razors come with one blade that lasts a whole lifetime. Finally with some practice at honing and stropping, you will only need to re-sharpen in the blade every six months to twelve months. 

One of the main benefits of using a safety razor comes down to safety. You can get a close shave without having to worry about seriously cutting yourself and such razors take a lot less practice to use.In addition with safety razors you are able to replace the double edge blade whenever it gets dull and do not have to worry about honing or stropping the edge. 

Safety Razor Cons

Some of the negatives of using a straight razor instead of a safety razor include needing more practice to use, and a much higher chance of getting cuts and nics from using a straight razor compared to a safety razor. In addition if the straight razor blade gets dull it takes a lot of skill and energy to resharpen and if the blade ever gets damaged you will have to replace the whole razor. 

The main negative of safety razors over straight razors is the need to pay for additional blades throughout your lifetime, whereas a straight razor will last a lifetime with its one blade. 

Straight Razor vs Safety Razor

So when it comes down to choosing a straight razor or a safety razor it really comes down to personal preference. Some individuals want to take the time and energy it takes to use a straight razor while others like the safety of using a safety razor. Both types of razors can be used to provide a close shave. 

When trying to choose between these two types of razors, think about what you will be using such a razor for. Do you want something that is quick and easy to use or do you want to take the time to create a whole shaving experience? Are you simply shaving to shave or do you want to brag about how you know how to use a straight razor? There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to the straight vs safety razor debate. 

Each type of razor fulfills the needs of a different set of people. So grab your favorite razor, and some nice shaving gel or cream, and pamper yourself with nice and smooth skin. Shaving can be a simple form of self care that we can do each and every day. Seek Bamboo offers a rose gold safety razor that is stylish and effective! An all-natural shave soap bar compliments this safety razor so well!

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