Best Safety Razors Blades For Women

Safety Razors For Women

Safety Razors For Women

Safety Razors For Women  

  Often when we hear the term shaving we think in terms of men and shaving thick and full facial hair. In truth many of us, especially us women, shave many parts of our body including our faces, bikini areas, legs, and underarms. We want to have silky smooth skin that makes us feel beautiful. There are a number of different razors which are marketed to women and their needs. So many options can become stressful. Do we choose a razor marketed to women, or do we simply grab a razor marketed to men instead? Which type of razor will be the most effective? Which razor will be the most gentle on our skin? In the end when choosing a razor we do not have to buy expensive razors with multiple blades, soap strips, or terminology that is unclear. In general it turns out all we need to do is to keep it very simple. 

Best safety razor for women

  In general all women want to have skin, we will want to be able to show off to others. In most cases a good quality safety razor fulfills this need very well. A safety razor is a razor that has a protective strip between the blade and your skin making it much less likely you will cut or nick yourself. This is important because nobody wants to damage their skin as they are shaving. Cuts and nicks tend to sting and make us uncomfortable in our own skin which is not what any one of us wants to experience. Use a safety razor and send such irritation packing.

  Women should also look for an ergonomically designed plastic-free safety razor so that they will be able to pamper themselves while also working to minimize their environmental impact. This is important because while we want to look our best we also want to make sure that the earth continues to look its best too. In addition consider using a safety razor that has stainless steel blades because this type of blade is the most durable. The more durable the blade the less frequently you will need to replace it. 

How to shave using a safety razor

  If you are not familiar with shaving with a safety razor here are some tricks. 

  First prep your skin by taking a hot shower or bath and exfoliating inorder to remove dead skin cells and prevent ingrown hair and razor burn. Consider creating a spa like experience you can enjoy while shaving.

  Next apply your shaving lotion, cream, butter, gel, or whatever else you like to use, in order to help the razor glide across your skin. There are a wide range of shaving protects some which simply smell amazing and some which are unscented and better for those of us with sensitive skin.

  Third begin shaving by positioning the razor at a 45-degree angle to your skin and shaving using short, gentle strokes. This means ignoring what Hollywood portrays when they show someone  getting their whole leg for example shaved using just one stroke. 

  You can use a very light touch because the weight of the razor does most of the work. If you are one of those who struggle with slightly sensitive skin you might consider shaving "with-the-grain", in the same direction that the hair grows. This method might take a little longer, but works just as well at removing hair and is less likely to irritate skin.

  Finally take time to care for your razor by simply rinsing it with warm water. Once you have rinsed off your razor remove it from your shower or tub and completely dry it off with a towel. 

  Also note that you should make sure you change your blade often. Once you feel like the razor is tugging at your hairs rather than cutting them quickly and sharply, it's time to change the blade. A dull razor is more likely to cause irritation, and ingrown hairs.

  It is time for women to take their shaving game to the next level. This involves keeping it simply and using a good quality safety razor. Such a razor will allow women to get a super close shave and therefore have silky smooth skin. Using a safety razor allows someone to create a full body spa experience. In addition if a plastic-free razor is used we are able to make sure that our beauty routine does not overly negatively impact the environment. So go forth into your day with amazing skin. Seek Bamboo offers a safety razor with a rose gold finish that is as appealing as it is impressive. Interested in eco-friendly shaving soap? An all-natural buttery soap that will leave your skin silky smooth!