Activated Bamboo Charcoal Soap Benefits

Charcoal Soap Benefits

Charcoal Soap Benefits

Activated Charcoal Soap Benefits


  When you think about Charcoal you might think about it purifying water in places which lack access to clean drinking water. Or maybe you think about it in terms of its medical uses and how it can save lives. You might think about charcoal in terms of relaxing face masks or the joy at having someone you love draw you by hand with charcoal. What you might forget is that charcoal does not have to be limited to life or death moments or only enjoyed during special occasions and can be part of our daily self-care routine. Charcoal is an amazing product we do not take full advantage of. 

  As part of an inward facing self-care routine we might choose to use Charcoal Soap. Our Charcoal Soap is a great two for one body bar and face bar which means we can simplify our cleaning routines. In addition, our soap is gentle enough for daily facial cleaning but this is not where the benefits of Charcoal Soap end.


Charcoal Soap Helps Manage Oily Skin:


  Many of us suffer from oily or combination skin which can be a pain to deal with. Harsh products can cause our skin to dry out which can lead to its own issues. In these cases Charcoal soap is able to come to the rescue as a true organic bar soap. Charcoal soap is able to remove this excess oil from both our faces and our bodies. This soap can leave us with smooth looking skin, which has a nice healthy glow, and makes us feel great about ourselves.


Activated Charcoal Soap Deep Cleans:


  Sadly in our day to day lives our skin picks up a layer of toxins and other impurities from the air leaving our skin dull and unhealthy. While we may not be able to avoid all these toxins and impurities we should not despair; because charcoal soap is great at removing these impurities from our skin as well as removing dead skin cells both which leave us with smooth skin. While we may not be able to protect our skin from all dangers it is nice to know we can do something at the end of the day to support it.


Charcoal Soap Helps Eliminate Acne:


  Looking in the mirror and seeing acne always makes up feel less than our best. And acne always seems to pop up at the most inconvenient moments, like when we are heading out the door to go to an important event. The good news is charcoal soap is able to solve some of the underlying problems which lead to acne such as oily skin or bacteria caught under the skin. Charcoal Soap does this by absorbing toxins and gently exfoliating our skin. This soap is even able to decrease marks created by acne on our skin in the past. We no longer have to be afraid of our own skin.


Manage & Minimize Pores:


  Some days we wake up and discover our pores have decided to stage a revolution and appear like they have their own personal spotlight at their command. So what are your options when your pores are standing out so much you are sure people across the room can see them? Try using charcoal soap which is able to minimize your pores and help clean up your complexion. Giving your pores some TLC can make both them and you happy once again.


Charcoal Soap Exfoliates & Detoxifies:


  Why do we all need to exfoliate? We need to exfoliate because dry skin can lead to cracking and peeling skin which in extreme cases can lead to bleeding. Charcoal soap exfoliates by removing dead skin cells as well as dirt and grime. This type of soap can be used everyday to help your skin look its best. The key is charcoal soap is very gentle and is able to exfoliate without causing additional damage to our skin. Treat your skin gently and your skin will continue to protect you.


Charcoal Soap Helps Prevent Aging:


  Premature aging of skin is a major issue for many of us. The importance of this issue can be seen in all the anti-aging products that are available to use on our skins, from locations to serums. While there is nothing necessarily wrong with these products they tend to cost quite a bit and sometimes be quite harsh on our skin. The good news is Charcoal soap is able to help remove wrinkles and fine lines while making skin tighter and firmer a sign of youthful skin, all at a lower price point. 

  Our Charcoal Soap two for one body bar and face bar can help us with a wide range of skin troubles. This soap is gentle enough for daily facial cleaning which means we can take care of ourselves and our skin each and every day. There is nothing standing in your way of healthy looking skin. The benefits of activated charcoal doesn't stop with soap, make sure to check out our charcoal toothbrush to help whiten your teeth today! Charcoal Toothbrush benefits can not be overlooked and we are thrilled to offer our Activated Charcoal Collection of products! 

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