Activated Charcoal

 Activated Charcoal   

Activated Charcoal and its natural benefits are what make this collection so great! Natural Charcoal is known as a detoxifier as it is able to absorb toxins very well. From charcoal toothbrushes to charcoal soap bars check out all that Seek Bamboo has to offer!


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Charcoal Toothbrush
Charcoal Toothbrush Sale priceFrom $5.99
Mint Charcoal Toothpaste Tablet
Charcoal ToothTabs Sale price$11.99
Bamboo Floss
Bamboo Floss Sale price$9.00
Charcoal Bamboo Shampoo Bar
charcoal konjac sponge
Charcoal Soap - Seek Bamboo
Charcoal Natural Soap Sale price$15.00
Sold out
Charcoal Floss
Charcoal Floss Sale price$16.99
bamboo charcoal bags
Bamboo Charcoal Bags Sale priceFrom $7.99