best toothpaste tablets with fluoride

Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride

Toothpaste Tablets with Fluoride
  Taking an eco-friendly approach to life means looking for healthy alternatives and replacing products that cause excess waste. Toothpaste is one such product that you can get rid of because there are plenty of natural replacements that also contribute to a zero-waste lifestyle. If you're looking for sustainable options, give our fluoride toothpaste tablets a try. It's time to stop letting the plastic industry dominate our morning rituals. 

Importance of Natural Fluoride


  You might be asking yourself, why is fluoride included in a natural product? Some people confuse it with a man-made chemical since it appears in most commercial brands of toothpaste. 

  Not only is fluoride naturally occurring, it actually has a significant benefit, which is why it's prominent in toothpaste in general. Many cities and towns add fluoride to drinking water, as well, but the amount in drinking water isn't typically enough to benefit your teeth, so it's added to toothpaste. 

  Its main purpose is to help strengthen tooth enamel, and it works on both children and adults. In children, before the teeth break through the surface, fluoride from beverages and foods help make the enamel stronger. After they've broken through the surface, fluoride in toothpaste acts as a topical agent, helping to prevent tooth decay and soft spots that can weaken them and cause breaking or cracking. 

  Because of its benefits in making teeth stronger and lowering the risk of decay, Seek Bamboo's toothpaste tablets have added fluoride in them to give your teeth the best possible care. In addition to a fresh mouth, you'll be protecting those pearly whites as well — it's a win-win solution and one of our most all-natural innovative products. 


What are Fluoride Toothpaste Tablets?

  Our fluoride toothpaste tablets are a fun way to brush your teeth! They're vegan-friendly and contain nine ingredients including kaolin clay and cream of tartar. The tablets are small, just a little bit bigger than aspirin, so they're easy to use for kids and adults alike. 

  Not only are they a unique way to brush your teeth, but they're also great for travel. You don't have to worry about a mess, or your tube of toothpaste accidentally getting squished and exploding all over your luggage. The toothpaste tablets come in a glass jar, so you can actually pack them with your clothes, instead of a toiletry bag, if you want. Didn't we say it's time to wave goodbye to our plastic dominated morning routine! Not to mention toothpaste tablets have been voted as one of the best toothpaste alternatives by dentists. 

How do you use Toothpaste Tablets?


  It might seem weird, but we promise that will only be the first time. Our tablets are simple to use. You just put it in your mouth, wet your toothbrush as normal, and bite the tablet. The addition of water helps introduce foaming action, giving you an overall clean that lasts. Plus, they have an all-natural mint flavor that leaves your breath smelling fresh. At Seek Bamboo, we are thrilled to mention we now offer our charcoal powder toothpaste. Use the power of 100% Natural infused Charcoal to help remove permanent stains on your teeth. Sustainable Smiles are easier than ever!

  They're so versatile, you can use them anywhere. Take them camping for a no-mess solution or send them with your kids away to college. You can bet they'll make a great talking point if you leave a jar in the guest bathroom for friends or family who stay over. 


How do they contribute to the zero-waste Lifestyle?


  The zero-waste lifestyle, while relatively new, is one many people are striving to meet. An overabundance of waste in landfills, and products that don't degrade in a timely manner, have led to multiple problems on the planet. Reducing waste is our primary goal, in addition to providing useful products to our customers. 

  If you're looking to minimize waste, or even adapt to the zero-waste lifestyle, the tablets will certainly help. How? Easy. The jar they come in can be repurposed throughout your home or even in an office. The tablets themselves waste away during use, so there's essentially nothing going in the trash when you use them. 

  Add in one of our bamboo or charcoal toothbrushes and you'll further promote a sustainable lifestyle. Our toothbrushes contain only 100% bamboo pulp, so they'll naturally degrade when placed in a compost heap or buried in your garden or backyard. 

  When it comes to a sustainable, eco-friendly lifestyle, you're bound to find some fun products that you wouldn't normally see on the market. Our toothpaste tablets are just one way that you can ditch the plastic, limit your waste, and still see the same results — maybe even better — than you would with a commercial brand. Seek Bamboo has a wide variety of plastic-free items that will be perfect compliment to your growing eco-friendly bathroom. From a full oral care line, to all natural konjac sponges, reusable cotton rounds, shampoo and conditioner bars, bamboo hairbrush, and so much more! Removing plastic from the bathroom has never been more affordable.


  There's nothing to lose, except excess waste, and everything to gain.