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Gentle Exfoliation ~ pH Balanced ~ 100% Biodegradable ~ Zero-Waste Skincare ~ Eco-Friendly ~ Plastic-Free ~ Pure Konjac Goodness ~ Boosted Natural Glow ~

Dive into nature's skincare stash with our konjac sponges! Straight from the konjac plant's root, it's the spa day your face has been daydreaming about. Think gentle cleanse, cheeky exfoliate, and a radiant glow-up. All skin types? They're invited! Say 'hey' to a refreshed face and 'bye' to impurities. Natural skincare's never been this fun. Glow on, give it a whirl!

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Konjac Sponge

Bubbles, Benefits & Beyond: The Konjac Sponge Story!

Jump into the bubbly deep-end and unravel the tale of the sponge that’s redefining skincare!

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Scoop Your Skin Treat: Which Konjac Flavor Are You?

Dive into nature's menu and find your perfect skin indulgence. Let's uncover your Konjac scoop!

Say Hello To Our Eco-Pioneers!

Konjac: Nature's sponge miracle. Because the Earth deserves better!

Peeling Back the Konjac Layers!

Cleansing your curiosities, one pore at a time.

Eco Chic

Feel Fab, Stay Sustainable. Dive into Nature's Best Kept Beauty Secrets!

What is a Konjac Sponge
All-Natural Konjac Sponges

What is a Konjac Sponge?

  Oh the simple sponge. We use sponges, all around our homes but rarely give them much thought. They do not feature in art or song. We use them in the bathroom to become our best squeaky clean and ...

Konjac Sponge Benefits
All Natural Konjac Sponges

Konjac Sponge Benefits

Benefits of a Konjac Sponge   Konjac sponges have recently been gaining popularity in western countries as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional sponges. Konjac sponges are made up of Konjac p...

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