Best Shampoo Bar for Curly Hair

8 Reasons Why We Love Zero Waste Shampoo

Zero Waste Shampoo


  When we are seeking zero waste products, we will find we have many options. Sometimes, this means it can be a struggle to know where we should start. We may find that zero waste shampoo is a great place to begin this journey. A zero waste, shampoo bars allow us to have our best hair possible while also reducing our waste and helping the planet at the same time. There are a wide range of reasons to love zero waste shampoo. 


Plastic Free


  In the United States, more than 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year, and these bottles can take up to 450 years to break down. In addition, more recently, attention has been given to microplastics that have ended up in our waterways and food chains. We all understand the importance of reducing the amount of plastic we consume to keep ourselves and our planet healthier. Using a zero waste shampoo is an easy way to remove some of this unneeded plastic consumption from our lives. 


Scents For Any Occasion


  Shampoo bars are wonderful because they have so many different scents. If we want to wake up and face the day, we might choose a ginger shampoo bar. On the other hand, if we want to calm down after a long day, we might choose a lavender shampoo bar instead. With shampoo bars, we do not have to give up our favorite scents in our quest to be environmentally friendly. The variety of scents that are available is one of the reasons we love zero waste shampoo.


Suitable for All Hair Types


  Shampoo bars come in a variety of types, which means we will always be able to reach for one that meets our hair’s individual needs. Seaweed shampoo bars are rich in vitamins and minerals that promote a healthy scalp and help volumize hair. On the other hand, honey shampoo bars moisturize and soften our hair. Olive oil shampoo bars moisturize the scalp while soothing irritation, and bamboo charcoal shampoo bars give us the ultimate deep exfoliation and detoxification of our scalp. 


Easy To Store


  Traditional shampoo comes in plastic bottles that take up a lot of space in our bathrooms. In addition, almost all of us have experienced our shampoo bottles falling down when it is the least convenient. Shampoo bars, on the other hand, are easy to store and take up a lot less space. This is nice because few of us have large enough bathrooms that we don’t have to worry about how to best use our limited space. By choosing to use shampoo bars, we can always have shampoo on hand while not worrying about where we are going to store that shampoo long-term.


Cost Effective


  Each shampoo bar lasts as long as three bottles of shampoo. This means that shampoo bars cost less per wash than traditional shampoo while also providing our hair with all it needs to be healthy. Just because shampoo bars are cost effective does not mean we have to give up on quality. Finding a cost-effective shampoo can give us peace of mind that we are saving money while pampering our hair at the same time. 


Makes Traveling Simple


  For any of us who travel regularly, we understand how lugging around shampoo can be a pain. We want to be able to access the shampoo that works best for our hair but are limited in what we can travel with. For example, if we are flying, we are limited by the amount of liquid we can carry. This is why using shampoo bars is great. We can bring as many as we would like and can throw them into our bags without worrying about leaks.


A Great Part Of Any Routine


  Shampoo bars can be incorporated into a whole zero waste bath and body routine. If we use shampoo bars, we should consider using conditioner bars too. And if we really want to feel good when we step out of the shower, we might reach for a zero waste konjac sponge. Starting with shampoo bars, we can make our whole bathroom zero waste.


Great Gifts


  Shampoo bars can also be part of a great bath and body set that we can give as gifts. While store bought sets might not seem very personalized, if we create our own and include shampoo bars in someone's favorite scent, we can create a gift they will enjoy. Throw in a few other zero waste items and we are all set, no matter the occasion we are celebrating.