Bamboo Cutlery Set

Naturally Cool, Effortlessly Fresh

Pure Protection: Paraben-Free, No Aluminum & Baking Soda.

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Reusable Cutlery Set Bamboo


100% Eco-Friendly, Zero Chemicals Non-Toxic
Extreme Temperature Resistant
Dishwasher Safe
Durable, Lightweight & Long-Lasting
Great Zero Waste Gift

 Join the Zero Waste Movement! It's time you swap your plastic for a Bamboo Cutlery Set. Cooking with plastic can lead to consuming plastic, and that is an ingredient we should all avoid. Built for the modern sustainable lifestyle that contains two all-natural Bamboo Spoons, Forks, Knives, Chop-Sticks and Straw Cleaner. At Seek Bamboo, we made sure to include a travel case for your Bamboo Cutlery Set so you can use it on the go!

  A Reusable Bamboo Cutlery Set has advantages above and beyond just reducing plastic waste. Bamboo should be the first choice when looking for sustainable alternatives for the kitchen. Our Bamboo Cutlery Set at the end of its life can be left in a compost pile disappearing in as little as three months. Be part of a better tomorrow and try a reusable cutlery bamboo set today!

Already finished cooking, but don't have any bamboo utensils? You are in luck! Make sure to see how you can make your kitchen sustainable with Bamboo Products

Customer Reviews

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Erica B.
Love the bamboo!

Thank you for the fast shipping! This bamboo cutlery set is so great!

Maria B.
Nice quality for an on-the-go product!

I love this cutlery set.....first great in my bag, and no more plastic!

Doris E.
So cute :)

Thank you for my bamboo cutlery set

Travis Igne

Love them!