are charcoal bristle toothbrushes safe

Are Charcoal Toothbrushes Safe?

Are Charcoal Toothbrushes Safe


  Charcoal toothbrushes are currently trending in the dental world. With so many benefits of activated charcoal, it's no wonder why they're gaining a smiling momentum in the market. However, like any new product, it's only natural to have questions. One of the most commonly asked questions is "are charcoal toothbrushes safe?" In short, the answer is yes, but to understand, you'll need to know more about them. 


Differences Between Charcoal and Standard Toothbrushes


  The main difference between charcoal and standard toothbrushes lies within the bristles. In a standard toothbrush, you have plastic or nylon bristles. With a charcoal toothbrush, the bristles are infused with natural activated charcoal. This means they clean your teeth better and offer more benefits. Plus, they last just as long, so you're not replacing them more often. 

  With Seek Bamboo's toothbrushes, there's the added perk of sustainability, which is critical for those who are eco-conscious. The handles are made from 100% bamboo pulp that can easily be added to the compost heap or buried after its life runs out. Bamboo Toothbrushes have benefits of their own that are worth the read as well! 


How Do They Work?


  While this might seem like a silly question — after all, you use them exactly the same — it's a legitimate one. With most toothbrushes, you add toothpaste that often has a minty or flavored agent. When you brush your teeth, it imparts the flavor in your mouth, often just masking bad breath. 

  Charcoal toothbrushes, however, are different in one very significant way. Instead of masking the odor, they simply remove it. How, you ask? Good question, but it's really quite simple. Activated charcoal has odor-absorbing properties that remove the bacteria and plaque responsible for bad breath. Instead of just brushing plaque off and spreading bacteria around, it absorbs the microns, leaving you with a cleaner mouth overall. Talk about creating Sustainable Smiles! Check out all of the Charcoal Toothbrush Benefits today. 

Do They Work as Well?


  It's easy to get caught up in learning about charcoal toothbrushes, but one thing you can rest assured of is that they work even better than their standard counterparts when you brush properly twice a day. 

Are There Special Care Instructions?


  You'll want to store them upright, but only because you want to keep them away from potential moisture. This is because the handle is susceptible to moisture as it's made from bamboo. A special holder would do well in keeping it away from water on the countertop, thus lengthening its lifespan. Regardless, you should replace it after 3 months, or after recovering from a cold or illness, per the ADA's recommendation. 


So, Are They Safe?

  When it comes down to it, yes, charcoal toothbrushes are safe. They make a great addition to your bathroom whether you're looking to try something new — such as whitening your teeth — or simply want a sustainable option. Make sure you pick up an extra one to take on trips and stock up for the whole family.  Look out for Seek Bamboo's subscription services to have your very own toothbrush delivered every couple of months automatically! Charcoal benefits don't stop in the bathroom check out how Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bags can freshen up your surroundings.

  With the addition of charcoal toothbrushes to your hygiene regimen, you're likely to see an improvement in your dental checkups. Your teeth will be cleaner and your breath fresher. Don't forget to floss, though! You don't want to lose those pearly whites.