Beginners Guide to Creating a Sustainable Home

Beginners Guide to Creating a Sustainable Home

Beginners Guide to Creating a Sustainable Home


  Many of us want a sustainable home, where we do not use unneeded plastics, our products do not have harsh chemicals, and we are not choosing products that harm the environment either in their creation or in their disposal. The challenge is that when we explore environmentally friendly options for our home we have so many options that we may not know where to begin.

  Starting to create a sustainable home is easier than it appears. Often we can start by choosing one or two items we use that we want to switch out for more eco-friendly options. For the majority of us the place to begin is with bamboo paper towels, bamboo toilet paper, beeswax wraps, and picking up a zero-waste cleaning kit for our kitchens. Let us explore why these are such logical places to begin moving towards a sustainable home. 

Bamboo Paper Towels

  13 billion pounds of paper towels each year are used by Americans. This is equivalent to 40 pounds or 80 rolls per person per year. That is a lot of trees cut down for the convenience of wiping our counters with paper towels. On the other hand, bamboo is a plant that grows much faster than trees and can be grown with less water and chemicals. Overall, the whole production cycle from growing bamboo to creating reusable bamboo paper towels is better for the environment than other tree-based paper towels or recycled paper towels. 

  In addition to bamboo’s strength and softness, bamboo also has natural antibacterial & anti-odor qualities. This helps bamboo paper towels stay fresh as we use them again and again. It is always nice when we find a product that is safe for the planet but does not sacrifice our comfort. Bamboo paper towels allow us to clean up all the messes we face while smiling and are a great addition to any of our sustainable homes.

Bamboo Toilet Paper

  Bamboo toilet paper is exactly that: toilet paper manufactured from bamboo fibers. Bamboo is a renewable resource and one of the world's fastest growing plants, making it an excellent choice for making a product we use every day. Bamboo toilet paper stands out for the rapid growth of bamboo plants. While bamboo toilet paper is better for the environment than typical tree-based toilet paper and uses less chemicals to manufacture than recycled toilet paper, it is also recognized for being incredibly soft and highly robust. 

  We will find that bamboo toilet paper is an excellent choice for all toilet paper needs. In addition many of us find that our skin can be sensitive from time to time. The last thing we want or need is to irritate our delicate skin by using harsh toilet paper. Each BPA-free three-ply sheet of bamboo toilet paper is soft, absorbent, and hypoallergenic, so it's suitable for sensitive skin. For sensitive skin, knowing bamboo toilet paper is chemical-free gives us peace of mind. 


  When storing food, how frequently do we reach for plastic wrap? Perhaps we grab it after a delicious dinner with family and friends? Or perhaps we grab it while packing meals to take with us to work, school, or on a fun adventure? But beeswax wraps are an excellent environmentally friendly alternative to typical plastic food storage containers. Unlike single-use plastic wraps, these wraps may be reused over 100 times and can even be composted once worn out. Beeswax wraps are an excellent way to reduce single use plastic usage.

  These wraps are made from organic cotton, beeswax, and natural oils. Their production does not produce the levels of pollution that single use plastic products does. All too often the products we love cause environmental damage that we dislike. These wraps break that negative pollution cycle. This means we can feel confident about the choices we are making, and work towards a more waste free or plastic free household. 

Zero-Waste Cleaning Kit

  Sometimes when buying items for our home it is helpful to get a bundle of items so that we can keep our homes organized and clean. A zero-waste cleaning kit comes with a reusable bamboo dish brush, and an all-natural bamboo soap dish with a vegan dish soap bar. All of these items are plastic-free and biodegradable. In addition by bundling items in a kit such as this one we save money which is always a good thing. These kits are the ideal starting point to transition to a zero-waste kitchen. These are also helpful options if we want to help friends or family members move towards a more sustainable home.

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