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SLS Free ~ No Parabens ~ Plastic-Free ~ Zero-Waste Solid Shampoo Bar ~ Eco-Friendly ~ Plastic-Free ~ 100% Natural ~

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Coconut Conditioner BarVegan Coconut Conditioner Bar - Seek Bamboo
Sale price$15.00
lavender conditionerlavender conditioner bar
Sale price$15.00
Green Tea Conditioner BarGreen Tea Conditioner Bar - Seek Bamboo
Sale price$15.00
Citrus Conditioner BarsVegan Citrus Conditioner Bar - Seek Bamboo
Sale price$15.00
Seaweed conditioner barNatural seaweed conditioner
Sale price$15.00
Rose Conditioner BarNatural Rose Conditioner Bar
Sale price$15.00
Charcoal Conditioner BarActivated Charcoal Conditioner Bars
Sale price$15.00
Argan Oil Conditioner BarOrganic Argan Oil Conditioner Bar
Sale price$15.00
Ginger Conditioner BarNatural Ginger Conditioner Bar
Sale price$15.00
Rosemary Conditioner BarNatural Rosemary Conditioner Bar
Sale price$15.00
Honey Conditioner BarHoney Conditioner
Sale price$15.00

500 Million

Plastic Conditioner Bottles Are Thrown Away Every Year.

That's the equivalent of lining them up across the entire coastline of California, twice over, every year. Our planet is burdened with an unimaginable amount of plastic.

Zero-waste conditioner bars are more than a haircare choice: they are a symbol of transformation. With each conditioner bars, you're taking a firm stand against the plastic tide. Imagine the difference we can make.

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Our Conditioner Bars

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How To Use A Conditioner Bar

Unleashing Your Conditioner Bar! Get the inside scoop on how to turn your hair care routine into a sustainable success story.


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