bamboo hair products

Bamboo Hair Products

  Bamboo hair products are removing plastic from hair care. Bamboo combs & bamboo brushes bring an all-natural approach to an area dominated by plastic. Plastic combs, plastic brushes, plastic bottles to name a few...Seek Bamboo offers bamboo hair products from bamboo combs made as sturdy and durable as plastics to bamboo charcoal shampoo bars that help detoxify and clean the scalp. Check out the bamboo hair products and see for yourself that a zero-waste lifestyle is affordable and obtainable!


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Bamboo Brush
Sale price$17.00
Bamboo Comb - Seek Bamboo
Sale price$12.00
Charcoal Shampoo Bar
Sale price$15.00
Charcoal Conditioner Bar
Sale price$15.00
Charcoal Shampoo and Conditioner
Sale price$30.00