Best Conditioner Bar

Best Conditioner Bar

Best Conditioner Bar

Best Conditioner Bars

  We all know the importance of deeply conditioning our hair. Everyone has heard of “bad hair days” and we all know how such days can really put a damper on everything we do. Sometimes our hair gets so bad that the tried and true method of wearing a hat doesn't even work. In response to all our various hair challenges there are a wide range of products we may have used, such as everything from traditional conditioners, to hair serums, to hair masks and other treatments which we use to make sure our hair looks shiny and healthy. We use these products on top of the considerable amount of time and money we spend going to the hair salon to maintain our hair. Taking care of our hair can seem like simply a pain in the neck!

  Fortunately, taking care of our hair does not have to be such a pain. For example one easy to use, all-natural, and cost-effective method of deeply conditioning our hair is using one of the many versatile conditioner bars which are available on the market. Unlike traditional chemical filled conditioners which come in wasteful plastic bottles conditioner bars are all natural and vegan alternatives which have a much lower environmental impact. Even better conditioner bars are easy to travel with and make great gifts for those we love and care about. 

  Good conditioner bars have a variety of functions including balancing the pH of our hair, moisturizing our hair, giving our hair volume and shine, as well as containing protein to help us strengthen our hair.

  So what are some of the things to look for in the best conditioner bars?

Natural Butters:

  When searching for a new conditioner bar we hope to find a natural butter as the first ingredient. Natural butters are great for repairing damaged hair and they are packed with nutrients that is easily absorbed by the hair. Shea butter is a great example as it is found in nearly every hair product. It is great because it does not clog pores and yet it is still extremely effective. Natural butters are a must in a conditioner bar. 


  We also want our conditioner to smell wonderful. There have been studies on the power of aromatherapy, and how coconut is a scent which can relax us down while citrus is a scent which helps wake us up and energize us. Even if aromatherapy is not something you want to bother with using a conditioner bar with a scent you love will always make you feel better and make your shower experience even better.

Cleanliness & Residue:

  Since many conditioner bars are all natural they leave less residue on your hair after use. This helps your hair look fresh and clean while giving you the confidence you need to be your best self. 


  When buying conditioner bars, not all bars are the same. Some are eco friendly and use naturally derived ingredients while others add almost as many chemicals as traditional bottled shampoo which defeats the purpose. Seek Bamboo's conditioner bars are loaded with natural butters like cocoa and shea. In fact they are both in the top three ingredients of all the conditioner bars offered. With these rich natural butters we can argue they are the best conditioner bars.

  In addition, it is important to consider the packaging that the bar comes in. Conditioner bars are great because they reduce your home’s plastic use but if they come wrapped in layers and layers of plastic packaging it is defeating the whole purpose. 

Consider citrus conditioner bars:

  Our vegan citrus conditioner bars help you naturally wake up and have an invigorating start to your day. Even better, these bars are packed with vitamins and essential oils which are great for your hair and scalp and have natural anti-inflammatory benefits too. If you want to take a moment to send love to your scalp each and every morning the natural butters found in our citrus conditioner bars are the way to go. Finally, our bars are eco friendly being made with all natural vegan ingredients and come in plastic free packaging. If the conditioner bars offered by Seek Bamboo interest you then do also check out the shampoo and conditioner bar collection. Removing plastic bottles from the shower scene is an all-natural and easy way to improve on a sustainable lifestyle.

  When we seek products to make sure we have fewer “bad hair days” there are many things to consider such a lather, residue, or environmental impact. While this may seem like a lot of work, researching, what we use on our hair, it really is simple. If you have a company you trust, who uses all vegan ingredients, and has plastic free packaging all you need to do is pick what scent will set your spirit free, taking your shower and your hair to the next level. Level up with our range of vegan conditioner bars. You deserve to have healthy, bright, and clean hair each and every day. This can be achieved with zero-waste! 

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