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Sweat It Out: The Benefits of Using Natural Deodorants

Benefits of Using Natural Deodorants


  Sweat gets an unclean rap. When we hear the word "sweat," we often think of locker rooms and teenagers who struggle to maintain their hygiene. We tend to think of sweat as something smelly that we need to work hard to prevent. But we often forget to think about how sweat is a natural process that keeps us healthy. Its main function is to control body temperature. As our sweat evaporates, our skin surface cools, which is vital for anyone who has been outside on a hot summer's day.. Sweat has other health benefits too, including heavy metal detoxification, chemical elimination, and bacterial removal. 

  Since many of us think of sweat as a negative we tend to reach for antiperspirants to prevent us from sweating. When we do so though we find ourselves fighting against our bodies. Instead, we should choose to use an all-natural deodorant so that our sweat will both not smell and will continue to do its job of keeping us healthy. In addition to natural deodorants being better for our health, we can choose zero waste deodorants. So why is the first thing we think about when sweating is an unpleasant odor?

Why Do We Sometimes Get Body Odor?

  When thinking about sweating, we often wonder why sometimes our sweat smells while at other times it is unnoticeable. It turns out that body odor happens when bacteria on our skin comes into contact with sweat. Our skin is naturally covered with bacteria. When we sweat, water, salt and fat mix with this bacteria and can cause odors. Factors that affect our body odor include food, hormones, medications, and genetics.

  There are several reasons for sweat smelling. We should remember, sweat itself doesn't smell; it’s the bacteria on our skin combined with our sweat that can smell. Medical conditions and diseases are associated with scent changes. These conditions include diabetes, gout, menopause, an overactive thyroid, liver disease, kidney disease, and some infectious diseases. If we find our scent has changed unexpectedly we should check in with our doctors.

What Are Natural Deodorants?

  Natural deodorants have grown in popularity in recent years as more people learn about many standard antiperspirants' health dangers. Natural deodorants do not include hazardous ingredients like aluminum and parabens. In addition vegan deodorants contain all-natural, skin-hydrating substances that help protect our overall health. 

  Plastic-free deodorants are excellent alternatives to antiperspirants. They are gentle on our skin, contain no toxic ingredients, and aid in natural sweat maintenance. Natural deodorants are also a wonderful option for us who worry about that state of the environment. With so many options available, it's easy to find a natural deodorant that makes us feel great.


Non-toxic Deodorant Benefits 

No Harmful Chemicals: 

  The number one benefit of natural deodorants is that they do not contain harmful chemicals: On the other hand, traditional antiperspirants contain aluminum, which is absorbed through the skin and has been linked to a variety of health issues, such as cancer and Alzheimer's disease.  

Promote Natural Perspiration: 

  Traditional antiperspirants include aluminum, which clogs sweat glands and prevents the body from expelling toxins through perspiration. Natural deodorants, on the other hand, do not clog sweat glands. This means they enable the body to perspire normally, which benefits our general health.

Gentle on Sensitive Skin: 

  Due to sensitivity and rashes, many people cannot use conventional deodorants. Natural deodorants are devoid of harsh chemicals and scents, making them an excellent choice for sensitive skin.

Environmentally Friendly: 

  Zero waste deodorants are packed in eco-friendly materials without all the plastic that is used for traditional products. This makes them a better choice for people concerned about the environment..

Number of Options: 

  Last but not least, natural deodorants are available in several formats, including creams, sticks, and sprays. This makes it simple for us to pick one that works for us. Natural deodorants are available in a variety of scents, making it simple to select one that smells appealing to our noses.Two of the most popular natural deodorants are plastic-free deodorant sticks and deodorant cream. For push-up sticks, we can choose from coconut, ocean breeze, rose, and orange blossom. In addition, there are pleasant unscented deodorant creams available.

Best Practices When Using Non-toxic Deodorant

  Using an eco-friendly deodorant is as simple as using any other deodorants. With natural deodorants that come in a paper tube, we simply remove the deodorant's cap and gently press the tube bottom up. The deodorant stick rises, allowing us to apply the deodorant to our clean underarms. We can then reapply as needed, but we should always make sure our underarms are clean, dry, and free of any injuries that could trigger a reaction. If we are having difficulty applying deodorant to our underarms, we can try leaving it on for a few minutes. This will allow our natural heat to dissolve the deodorant and make it easier to spread. For push-up sticks, we can choose from coconut, ocean breeze, rose, and orange blossom. 

  When we hear about deodorant creams, one of the first questions we have is, "What exactly is deodorant cream?" Deodorant cream is a creamy deodorant that comes in a small tub or container. Deodorant creams may be applied to our underarms with our fingers. Such deodorant cream may also be applied to keep our wrists and elbows smelling fresh all day. While we may be unfamiliar with deodorant creams, they are extremely easy to use. All we need to do is open the container and thoroughly mix the deodorant cream with a spatula. Finally we can use our fingers to apply a small amount of deodorant lotion to our entire underarm area. There are many lovely unscented deodorant creams available for us to use.

Switching To Natural Deodorant FAQ

Why Choose Zero-Waste Deodorant? 

  Deodorants are products that we use to disguise our body odors. They are especially helpful for people who sweat a lot or live in hot areas. As a cosmetic product designed to combat body odor and/or reduce perspiration, traditional products contain drying and antibacterial chemicals. These chemicals include alcohol, propyl glycol, hexamethylenetetramine, sodium stearate, and sodium chloride, to name a few. These deodorant ingredients harm the environment and our health. 

  Furthermore, these products are often packaged in eye-catching packaging designed to catch potential clients' attention. These enticing packages are often made of plastic. This is a major contributor to the Earth's dwindling fauna, a critical indicator of the proper functioning of our ecosystem. We will be glad to hear that we can still smell great while helping the environment, and using Seek Bamboo's plastic-free deodorant is one way to do it. 

How Should I Use Deodorant Cream? 

  With clean fingertips, we can scoop a pea-sized quantity of deodorant from the container, warm it between our fingers, and gently rub it into our skin until it is no longer visible. We may also apply the cream to other parts of our body, like our scalp or behind our knees. 

Why Is My Deodorant Cream Gritty or Hard? 

  Shea butter and coconut oil act as thermometers in natural deodorant. They both change texture as the temperature changes. Unrefined oils and butters are used in natural deodorants which means they might be difficult to re-solidify once they've melted. There is a simple solution! We can simply mix the deodorant completely with a chopstick or butter knife (ensuring that all powders are incorporated into the oils) and place it in the freezer for 20 minutes. 

  We may find that the deodorant cream is particularly hard in the cold. To apply, we can scrape a small bit of cream from the jar with the back of our fingernail or a cosmetic spatula and warm it between our fingers before applying. Grainy deodorant happens when shea butter melts and then cools too slowly. The granules are safe and will melt when they encounter our skin. Dealing with some changes in texture is well worth it for the nutrient-rich and skin-nourishing plant oils and butters found in each deodorant cream. 

How Do I Use a Natural Deodorant Paper Tube? 

  Using an all natural deodorant paper tube is very easy. We can work our thumb around the inner edge of the bottom disc to push a little quantity of product up into the stick. Next, we can warm the product on our underarm for a few seconds before gently swiping a couple of times. Finally, we can allow a few minutes for the deodorant to thoroughly absorb before putting on clothing.

How Can I Get Rid of Oil Stains On My Clothes? 

  There are several tricks we can use to reduce the likelihood of oil stains. Some of these include using less deodorant, exfoliating our armpits on a regular basis, and ensuring the deodorant is entirely absorbed before putting on our garments. To eliminate stains, we may either apply a laundry booster or soak our garments before washing. 

Why Produce Cream Deodorant as Well as Stick Deodorant?

  Many of us find that using our fingers to apply deodorant is more effective and allows for a more equal application, which means we will need less product. However, not everyone enjoys using our fingers which is why a plastic free deodorant stick deodorant is also offered.Many of us find that using our fingers to apply deodorant is more effective and allows for a more equal application, which means we will need less product. However, not everyone enjoys using our fingers which is why a plastic free deodorant stick deodorant is also offered 

Are All Natural Deodorants Better? 

  Yes, they are. We all should make the switch to a clean, non-toxic, natural deodorant that really works. The best zero-waste and vegan deodorants are the perfect plastic-free alternative to conventional deodorant. Baking soda and aluminum-free deodorant work with our body's natural functioning to aid in odor reduction. The best natural Deodorants are made with natural and organic ingredients, in a formula that keeps us dry throughout the day. These deodorants work wonderfully for all skin types, including people with sensitive skin. Each zero-waste deodorant is handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and eliminate the need for preservatives. 

Do Natural Deodorants Work? 

  Seek Bamboo's plastic-free deodorant is an excellent approach to helping minimize the amount of plastic waste produced in our homes. There are several reasons why we would seek out natural deodorants, like if we have previously used conventional antiperspirants and deodorants and experienced discomfort or sensitivity because of an allergy. However, we must remember that aluminum-free natural deodorants do not prevent sweat; they just mask its odor. Switching to plastic-free deodorant is an excellent way to get toward a zero-waste or plastic-free lifestyle.


Why Am I Still Sweaty When Using Natural Deodorant? 

  While natural deodorants can help minimize armpit odor, they will not reduce perspiration as effectively as an antiperspirant. Natural deodorants often contain chemicals that help absorb moisture, but these substances aren't as efficient as antiperspirant solutions, which keep us sweat free by clogging our pores that cause sweating. 

  Because natural deodorants do not include aluminum, we may find ourselves sweating more than usual in the short term. Which makes sense if we think about how our sweat glands have been blocked for years and finally are able to breathe. A bit more sweating than we are used to is very normal and can persist for up to 30 days. This means we should be prepared to experience some dampness throughout the day. It's normal but if our natural deodorant is working, the sweat won't smell. 

How Can I Successfully Switch to Natural Deodorant? 

  There is lots of misinformation out there that claims natural deodorant doesn't work. Some customers even complain that the all-natural deodorant made them smell worse than normal. But this is due to bacterial changes in their underarms as their body chemistry begins to rid itself of all the toxic chemicals they were previously exposed to. In most situations, the problem is that we do not give natural deodorant the time it needs to function.

  We may notice that when we use an eco-friendly deodorant, we sweat more than usual, but this is the body's method of clearing out contaminants. We may aid this detoxification process by using natural antibacterial soap, carrying a travel-sized deodorant, and dressing in natural textiles that wick away perspiration. When buying a plastic-free deodorant, we should seek out natural antibacterial soap, travel-size deodorant, and natural fibers. After a few days, we'll be back to our sweet-smelling selves.