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How to Wash Reusable Cotton Rounds

How to Wash Reusable Cotton Rounds


  Reusable cotton rounds are a great way to decrease your environmental footprint. Too many of us tend to reach for disposable wipes when it comes to removing makeup or other skin products at the end of a long day because these wipes seem convenient and easy to use. The problem is these disposable wipes have a high environmental impact, such as being made with materials that do not break down quickly, if at all, such as polyester, polypropylene, or rayon fibers formed into sheets. Using one or two a day may not seem like a big deal but such disposable wipes add up quickly in our waste streams. Once you have decided to switch to reusable cotton rounds your first question may be how can I best take care of my reusable rounds? In the end the care of these rounds is pretty simple.

How to wash reusable cotton rounds

  To wash your reusable rounds you can simply give them a quick wash with warm water and use a bar of soap which will remove most of your makeup or other skin products from the round. If your rounds look like they could use a little extra cleaning you can also place them in a mesh laundry bag and wash them in the washing machine with your light colored clothes on a warm wash with a gentle detergent and leave the pads to dry naturally. Do not use fabric softener or bleach when washing your reusable rounds because they contain chemicals that can damage the bamboo fabric and completely ruin your reusable rounds. You want to take care of your rounds when washing because part of the reason they have such a low environmental impact is that they last for so many uses. 

How to dry reusable cotton rounds

  The best way to dry reusable rounds is to simply let them air dry flat because the high temperatures of the typical dryer can cause issues such as extra wear and tear and shrinkage of the fabric. It is important to dry your rounds thoroughly because even though bamboo has natural antibacterial properties, anything that stays damp for long periods of time is just asking for unwanted microorganisms to grow.. To make sure your rounds last a long time and for your own health and safety make sure to completely dry your rounds each time.


How to store and handle reusable cotton rounds

  The best way to store your reusable rounds is to store them in a pouch or bag to help keep them from collecting dust. Beyond keeping them dust free all you need to know is that once they have started to become worn and you are all done using them they can easily be disposed of including simply being thrown into your compost pile so that they become rich compost that will help your garden be the talk of the town. It is important to note composting only works with products made from all natural and organic materials, so always double check the materials used before throwing into the compost pile. 

What products to use with reusable cotton rounds

  If you are using reusable rounds for their ability to decrease your environmental impact as well as to be gentle on your skin it is important to consider what products you are using. If you are using a round made of organic materials it is important to choose organic cleaning products because you don’t want harsh chemicals next to your skin. These rounds will also last longer if you use gentle cleaners on them. You might consider using an organic facial bar. These bars come in a wide range of types and have a variety of beneficial properties. If you are using reusable cotton rounds you have one more reason to make sure that all the products that you put on your skin are organic and do not contain harsh chemicals. 

  Caring for reusable cotton rounds is pretty simple and really just involves keeping them dust free, washing them after each use, letting them air dry, and finally disposing of them in an environmental manner. Once you have taken the step of moving to reusable rounds you may be encouraged to think about all the products you use including your makeup brushes, cleaning products, and other skin care items. Our faces are one the first things that others see of us so we should make sure we are doing our best to allow our faces to shine when they are speaking for us.

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