Jasmine Essential Oil Benefits

Jasmine Essential Oil Benefits

  Imagine yourself walking into a lovely garden on a perfect spring evening, you take a deep breath and a wonderful scent fills your nose. What is this delightful scent? More likely than not what you are smelling is the flower called Jasmine. Like many floral scents the idea of Jasmine might bring up images of candles, incense, lotions, or other bath products. But did you know this is not the limit of how we can use Jasmin? Jasmine and Jasmine Essential Oils contain a number of physical and mental health benefits which can help us practice self care and show ourselves the love we deserve. Jasmine is not just a pretty scent. Check out what this powerhouse flower can do for you.

Boost Concentration

  The times we are living in tend to make concentrating really challenging. Sometimes no matter how hard we want to focus we end up struggling. This makes everything from work to spending time with friends or family hard. Just think about the glaze you often get over your eyes when you have been on one too many zoom calls. Or the time when you feel like a puppy who keeps being distracted by a squirrel. In these moments diffusing Jasmine oil might both wake us up as well as enhance our energy levels. Jasmine has been shown to affect brain function helping us with learning as well as problem solving. So instead of becoming frustrated with ourselves, or reaching for yet another cup of coffee, we can try reaching for Jasmine essential oil and make ourselves feel like concentrating is not an impossible task..

Antidepressant/Anxiety Relief

  Sometimes our brains decide to malfunction and we find ourselves in need of a reboot. It does not matter if your brains decide to fall into depression or anxiety because in both cases Jasmine essential oils can help. This is nice because often depression and anxiety decide to double up and occur at the same time. Jasmine is known to awaken good feelings and help us release serotonin which can help uplift our mood. This is especially important for those of us who struggle to produce enough serotonin on our own. When our brains struggle it is important to have a wide range of options at our fingertips including essential oils.

Help with Falling Sleep/ Sleep Aid

  What is something we all seek, but the more we seek the harder it can be to find? In this case the answer is sleep. When we are struggling to sleep we tend to start to stress about not being able to sleep which then makes actually sleeping even more challenging. We end up in negative spirals which lead us to feel like we are always chasing sleep but never finding it. Jasmine has been shown to both help with falling asleep as well as staying asleep all night long since it is a gentle all natural sedative. In addition Jasmine essential oils can help minimize the emotional and physical sign of having low energy. When we are struggling to sleep we should reach out for the gifts that the natural world has provided us for these exact situations.  

Improve Immunity and Fight Infections

  There have been few periods of time when people were more considered with boosting our immune systems and making sure we are able to fight infections. The active ingredients in Jasmine oil can help our bodies fight harmful viruses and bacteria. Which means that breathing in jasmine essential oils by using a diffuser can help clear mucus as well as help with respiratory symptoms. In addition when externally used on wounds, Jasmine can help prevent a wide range of possible infections. Add Jasmine to your daily routine in order to keep yourself healthy inside and out.

Heal Skin

  Our skin keeps us happy and healthy. It keeps the outside world out and the inside world in. Knowing this it is great to know that Jasmine can come to the resume and help out in a number of different situations. Jasmine essential oil has been shown to diminish scar marks on the skin helping keep our skin youthful looking. Using Jasmine oil on your skin may also decrease inflammation, redness, and pain as well as speed up time required to heal wounds meaning you can feel more comfortable in your own skin. Jasmine essential oil can finally be used to treat eczema as well as dermatitis and make sure we can focus on ourselves instead of worrying about our skin.

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