What Is a Bamboo Pillow?

What Is a Bamboo Pillow?

What Is a Bamboo Pillow


  Choosing a pillow is often more of a challenge than we would think because each of us has a different pillow that we consider the best. Some of us want a firm pillow, some want a soft pillow, some want one for side sleeping or one that we know is great for sleeping on our bellies or backs. While we don’t always talk about it, many of us have our favorite pillow which we bring with us when we travel because we know it will provide us the comfort and deep sleep that we need when we are on the go. Simply put, we simply love good bamboo pillows


  We all are searching for different things when it comes to our pillows which can make it challenging to determine which might work best for us. In the middle of this uncertainty more and more of us are turning to bamboo pillows because we find they support a good night's sleep no matter what we are looking for. So, what is a bamboo pillow, and can it really be turned into a comfortable pillow?


  Simply put bamboo pillows are pillows made of bamboo. We find that bamboo pillows typically contain a memory foam or bamboo fiber fill encased in a woven outer cover made with fibers derived from bamboo, a fast-growing grass. This process creates a plush yet firm and supportive pillow which helps reduce aches and pains we might experience with other pillows. In addition, bamboo pillows have a cover that is soft to the touch but still durable. Bamboo pillows allow us to pamper ourselves and turn our bedrooms into an oasis after a long day. Bamboo pillows are also an eco-friendly alternative to many other traditional pillows. 


More Restful Sleep


  Using a bamboo pillow can lead us to have a deeper and more restful sleep. First bamboo pillows are perfect for all sleep positions as we can adjust the shape of the pillow providing us great neck, back, and shoulder support. This support can even help with certain medical conditions such as sleep apnea and other breathing related issues. We all can agree that breathing easy is one important step towards a great night's rest.


  Second Bamboo fabric is known for its excellent breathability which means the pillow will keep our heads cool and dry during the night which has been shown to lead to more restful sleep. No one likes to wake up in the middle of the night feeling sweaty so using a bamboo pillow can give us peace of mind, knowing we will be able to wake up fully rested in the morning. Oh and you can wash your bamboo pillow for longevity. 


An Environmentally Friendly Choice


  Bamboo has many environmental advantages over other traditional pillow fabric and fill materials. Bamboo grows incredibly fast, so fast that you can watch some varieties growing in real time. Bamboo is also to self-regenerate which means it is a plant that can be harvested repeatedly. This can help reduce soil erosion and protect the ecosystems that surround the growing bamboo. In addition, the process of growing and harvesting bamboo is more sustainable than other textile crops like cotton, which require large amounts of water, fertilizers, and pesticides to grow. Switching to items made from eco-friendly materials can make a big difference on having a sustainable household.


Other Bamboo Pillow Benefits


  Bamboo pillows also have a wide range of other benefits. For example, bamboo is naturally antimicrobial and hypoallergenic which means these pillows are great for those of us with allergies. Knowing that our pillow is working to keep us healthy and well can provide us the peace of mind that we need in order to be able to turn off our minds at night so that we can be ready to sleep. And not sneezing all night does not hurt our sleep either.


  For those of us who sometimes struggle to get a good night's sleep we might find that a bamboo pillow fits our needs perfectly. These pillows are a great environmental alternative to traditional pillows and provide us the support and comfort we need each night. They also can give us peace of mind since we know that they are antimicrobial and hypoallergenic which means they help us breathe easier too. 


  In the end it does not matter what type of pillow we are looking for or how we sleep, bamboo pillows are there for us all. So, the next time you are in the market for a new pillow, consider a bamboo pillow and get the well-deserved rest that you need after putting in a long day. Honor yourself and your body by setting yourself up for the deep and restful sleep that you need. You will be grateful every morning that you choose to do so. Check out all of our Seek Bamboo lifestyle blogs on how to make your home truly sustainable. 

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