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Zero Waste Bathroom

Zero Waste Bathroom

  Hearing about a zero-waste bathroom you might think of compostable toilets or camping and a lack of any amenities. Or you might think it is something like living minimalistically or living without using all the products you are familiar with and use every day. This might seem like a challenge that you are not willing to try to take on even if you care deeply about the environment. Don’t worry, in truth a zero-waste bathroom does not have to mean any of those things. A zero-waste bathroom entails a routine without unneeded plastics or harsh chemicals. You can have everything you currently find in your bathroom just made from renewable, eco-friendly, or organic sources. (And as a bonus you won’t be paying for packaging that is simply going to have to be thrown away and end of in a landfill somewhere or chemicals that might leak out and make others ill)

  So why focus on the bathroom of all places? You might take a moment and remember the bathroom is where we use many products intimately inside and outside our bodies. Do you really want to put a chemical you can’t pronounce inside your mouth or on your skin in the shower? Or maybe you worry about the most recent chemical that has been in the news for causing serious health damage to others? Is that bathroom item on your shelf really safe? While these are all important questions the good news is Seek Bamboo has us covered with everything we need to easily renew our bathroom routine from the inside out.

Caring For Our Teeth

  When we wake up and brush our teeth we now have plastic-free options. For example, Seek Bamboo offers toothbrushes that are biodegradable, have fun color options, and donate back to charities such as Panda Bears International, The National Breast Cancer Foundation, The Coral Reef Alliance, The AIDS Healthcare Foundation, and Charitable Smiles, a foundation improving access to dental care. It is amazing the good you can do and the causes you can support by simply choosing a sustainable bamboo toothbrush. In addition, there are Activated Bamboo Charcoal Toothbrushes which add the power of absorption to your toothbrush and improve your breath and smile. When using all of these toothbrushes, consider pairing them with natural toothpaste charcoal power toothpaste, toothpaste tablets made from all vegan ingredients, or tooth powder. Finally, you can complete your oral health routine by using eco-friendly floss to get to all those hard to reach places.

Caring For Our Skin And Hair

  Our skin is a marvel and we should find ways we can keep it healthy and moisturized. So what might we use to honor the skin we are in after a long day at work or a long day at play.? There are many products we can use to give our skin the love it deserves. For example, shampoo bars come without plastic packaging or harsh chemicals that come in a wide range of types and scents including chamomile, olive oil, green tea, honey, lavender, ginger, bamboo charcoal, and organic seaweed. There is one no matter your hair challenges such as dry or oily hair, dandruff, hair that needs more vitamins and protein, or when your scalp would love a good rub down. In addition, vegan conditioner bars can come in citrus or coconut versions. And there are a number of soaps such as charcoal soaps which are great for oily skin. Anything that your skin craves can be found in eco-friendly and zero waste forms.

Caring For Our Whole Selves

  In addition to our oral health care and skin and hair routines, we can further make our bathrooms zero waste. We might consider bamboo products such as toilet paper or bamboo brushes or combs. We might also consider items such as all-natural konjac sponges which help balance the skin's pH levels, gently exfoliating leaving your skin smoother and more radiant. Zero-waste products can be found all over our bathrooms.

  With zero-waste bathroom products, we can take care of our bodies inside and out while minimizing our environmental footprint. We can enjoy the knowledge we are doing our part for the wider world while not needing to give up feeling great. The bathroom is a room we care for ourselves so making zero-waste and eco-friendly choices there can make sure we start our day on the right foot and allow ourselves to give our all to ourselves, our families, our work, and our wider communities. It's time we ditch the plastic and renew our bathroom routines! 

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