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Zero Waste Conditioners

Zero Waste Conditioner

Zero Waste Conditioners

  There is something wonderful about jumping into the shower and washing away all the dirt and grime that has accumulated on our skin and hair over the course of a long day. Sadly many of the conditioners we use on our hair, create more long term waste than we are removing, as we are enjoying that shower. This is because most traditional conditioners come in plastic bottles, which clutter up our bathrooms, and can’t always be recycled. What can we do about this? Is there a way we can continue to enjoy our showers without the added stress of knowing we are damaging the environment? The answer is Yes.

  We can turn to zero waste conditioners. These simply put are conditioners which are in a bar form that contains all the conditioning power we could wish for without the unsightly plastic waste. If zero waste conditioners are a new concept for you, one way you can think about them is in terms of your favorite bar of soap which you already know can clean just as well as liquid soap without the need for a plastic bottle. Switching to and using zero waste conditioners is pretty simple. We simply step into the shower, grab a bar of conditioner, rub it between our hands to build up a lather, and use it on our hair like we typically would. 

  If we want to switch to zero waste conditioners we will find there are a wide range of scents we can choose from depending on our mood. Switching to zero waste does not mean that we have to sacrifice the scent of our favorite conditioner.  Using zero waste conditioner, as well as other related products such as zero waste shampoos, can help us keep ourselves and the planet nice and clean. 

Lavender Conditioner Bars

  We all have experienced days where everything seemed to go wrong, or everyone seemed to want to frustrate us, and we find that our stress levels are extremely high. On such days we should consider hopping into the shower for a relaxing shower using lavender conditioned bars. These conditioner bars are wonderful because they calm our senses from head to foot. Lavender allows us the space we need to take a few deep calming breaths and to be able to wash away this day to day stress. Lavender has been used for centuries for its ability to calm so lavender conditioner bars are a great way to incorporate peace of mind into your routine. 

Citrus Conditioner Bars

  Some days no matter how hard we try it can be hard to get ourselves up and going. These are the days when the snooze button calls us like a siren and we wonder if we really need to get up out of our cozy beds to face the day. On these days the invigorating scent of citrus can do wonders to improve our mood and our well being. Citrus helps wake up our senses, and make us feel especially bright and clean. Many of us reach for a glass of orange juice in the morning so why not add a citrus conditioner bar to your morning routine? 

Coconut Conditioner Bars

  We rarely seem to be able to go on a tropical vacation when we feel we need one and spend more time dreaming of the beach than actually sitting on one. While a coconut conditioner bar is not quite the same thing as an all inclusive tropical vacation it is pretty close. We can enjoy a bit of tropical paradise without having to step outside our homes. So step into your shower and imagine tropical breezes, sun filled skies, and warm sand between your toes. Coconut conditioner bars allow you to go on vacation whenever and wherever you would like.

Green Tea Conditioner Bars

  Sometimes there is nothing better than a nice cup of hot tea while sitting on our porch or sitting with a group of good friends. Sometimes we want the comfort of a cup of tea but don’t actually want to drink a cup. In these cases the good news is we can enjoy tea whenever we jump in the shower to wash our hair. In the same way that a good cup of tea can make you feel cozy and comfortable, green tea conditioner bars can make our hair feel cozy and comfortable too. If you want to pamper yourself, and don’t know where to turn, choosing a zero waste green tea conditioner bar can be the way to go.


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