Zero Waste Gift

Zero Waste Gifts

Zero Waste Gifts

  The idea of gifting makes a lot of people think of the holiday seasons, and it may even jog a trip down memory lane. However, gifting is something that can be enjoyed year round! People love to both give and receive gifts. A gift can even turn a non-believer in to a believer. The more personal a gift is the more it is appreciated. The thought and consideration that go in to the gifting process that can be just as valuable as actually giving the gift. We care about our friends and loved ones. Gifting is a way to express how much someone means to you. 

Make no mistake, shopping for the gift can be just as fun as giving the gift. How about sharing something unique? What about a zero waste gift? Eco-friendly gifts are both fund and unique! The possibilities are endless, and maybe you can turn a non-believer into a....


Zero Waste Kitchen

No Waste Gifts For Those Who Love To Cook:

  We all know someone who loves to be in the Kitchen. The person who can whip up a wonderful meal with just the leftovers in the refrigerator or is the one who bakes fresh bread almost everyday. The person who relaxes by eating delightful home cooked meals. For these cooks you might consider giving a zero waste gift for the kitchen:

  For example a Bamboo Cutlery Set contains all-natural Bamboo Spoons, Forks, Knives, Chop-Sticks and a Straw Cleaner that can be thrown in the compost pile after a long life in someone’s kitchen. We all deserve quality cutlery which does not harm the planet. This is perfect for someone on the go who wants to avoid single-use plastics when eating out. The canvas protects the bamboo utensils and it does not take up too much space!

 Bamboo Cutlery Set

  Or maybe try Eco-friendly Straws which can be made from a wide range of materials including grass, wheat, bamboo, or stainless steel. Eco-friendly straws provide the convenience and style of straws without leading to large amounts of plastic ending up in our landfills. 500 million straws are thrown out every day by Americans. With the selections of eco-friendly straws it is an easy way to show someone that there are sustainable alternatives that are just as effective. Bamboo straws for example, will not get hot or cold to a drink and they won't taste like plastic either!


  Then there is clean up time. With a bamboo dish brush you wont need to use a plastic or petroleum based sponge to do the cleaning. The bamboo dish brush is an all-natural way to scrub down those dishes after cleaning. The bamboo dish brush offers a replaceable head that makes replacing your old dish brush head easy and zero-waste! How about replacing the plastic bottle on top of your sink too? With a dish soap bar you can do just that! A dish soap bar will eliminate the need for plastic while cleaning your dishes, and you will find this all-natural way of cleaning just as effective as you are used to before. Maybe you want to give someone a zero-waste starter kit for the kitchen. Seek Bamboo offers a zero-waste cleaning kit that includes one dish soap bar, one bamboo dish brush, and a bamboo soap dish. This is such a great way to start someone off on a sustainable lifestyle!


Zero Waste Cleaning Kit




Bamboo Bedding

Zero-Waste Gifts For Those Who Love Good Night's Sleep:

  In this busy life, where we always seem to be on the go, and stress seems to be hiding around every corner, we all are seeking a deeper and more restful sleep. When we think about sleep one of the first steps is to look at our bedding. This means that anyone would love to get bamboo bedding such as bamboo sheets or a bamboo pillow as a gift.

  Did you know bamboo fibers are known to be softer than cotton fibers while also being naturally antimicrobial, non-porous, breathable and a non-static material. Bamboo's ability to breathe is what makes it so ideal for bedding. Bamboo is also more hygroscopic than cotton which allows for the most comfortable sleeping temperature. Enjoy a cooler, healthier, and softer night sleep with bamboo bedding. 

Plastic-Free Gifts For Those Who Need Pampering:

  This has been quite a year and most of us could use a little ecofriend pampering in order to relax and rejuvenate. Why go and buy a gift basket filled with plastic products that harm the planet when you can make your own basket with eco friendly and luxurious products. It is much easier to feel pampered when you know the products you are using are both good for you and good for the planet. .

  In such a basket you might consider adding an organic bar soap packed with vitamins, nutrients, and essential oils that offer gentle cleansing for the face and body. Or maybe shampoo and conditioner bars which will leave your loved one’s scalp & hair healthier and their carbon footprint smaller. You might also consider adding an natural sea sponge or taking your gift to the next level and adding a natural Konjac sponge which come from a plant root native to South-East Asia and are known for being extremely soft and cleansing exceptionally well without the need of an added cleanser. The konjac sponges have a natural ingredient enhancement to them so it's a gift that you can add a little personal touch. For example the charcoal konjac sponge is infused with activated charcoal to improve drawing impurities from your pores, or the aloe konjac sponge use the power of aloe vera to help soothe the skin. The konjac sponges come in paper packaging and being the konjac sponge is a root...Everything about Seek Bamboo's konjac sponges is zero-waste! The best part is there is a konjac sponge to compliment your cleansing needs.


  How about brushing or combing your hair? Why does that need to be done with plastic. Bamboo makes a very sturdy finish. Meaning a bamboo brush can brush through the toughest curls. Maybe your hair is not that long but you still need to maintain your about a bamboo comb? Both the bamboo hair brush and the bamboo comb make for great hair care, and the both also make for a great gift. The bamboo finish is fabulous and you are certain to get complimented on such fund bamboo products.  


Jade Roller


Jade Roller

   Jade face rollers are amazing! There are so many benefits associated with using a face roller that this is a zero-waste gift that is sure to get anyone excited. The jade roller is used to help massage and depuff the face. Through relaxing the face you will see dark circle and stress lines disappear like magic! Try putting the jade roller in the freezer for maximum benefit. Maybe jade is not your stone? Don't worry Seek Bamboo also offers a rose quartz roller which is known to help with inner healing. A face rolling session is therapeutic in so many ways!

Tablet Toothpaste

Zero-Waste Gifts For Those Who Love Smiling:

  A smile can make our whole face light up. It does not matter if we are on a zoom call or meeting in person we love to see a smile. This means that we might consider giving zero waste oral care products that are both functional and fun as gifts this season. There are a wide range of options so you can create your own fancy gift basket with products that you know will be used each and every day: 

Bamboo Toothbrushes


Bamboo Toothbrush

  Twice a day plastic? No thank you! Bamboo toothbrushes are both biodegradable and have fun color options. Bamboo toothbrushes come in a variety of colors and there is even a charcoal toothbrush for added power of activated charcoal. Seek Bamboo offers a travel case made entirely of bamboo and a bamboo holder to stand your toothbrush up in the bathroom. These are great compliments to an eco-friendly toothbrush. Gifting a family? Seek Bamboo offers bamboo kids toothbrushes too! Bamboo toothbrushes are 100% compostable unlike the plastic ones that will around longer than ourselves....

Zero-waste floss


Silk Floss

can come in silk and bamboo charcoal. This floss comes in glass containers which can be reused in other places around a home or recycled and has a much lower environmental impact than traditional plastic products. Not to mention Seek Bamboo offers refill options too! Both silk dental floss refils and bamboo floss refills

  Interested in learning more? Check out Ditch The Plastic Why You Should Switch To Eco Friendly Floss.


Charcoal Toothpaste

Toothpaste tablets 


What a fun and unique twist to traditional toothpaste! Toothpaste tablets mean no more plastic tubes. Just use one tablet in the morning and one tablet at night, and with the power of fluoride you and your smile will rejoice. Seek Bamboo also offers charcoal toothpaste tablets for an all-natural way to whiten & brighten your smile!


Zero Waste Starter Kit

Zero-Waste Starter Kit

 Looking for a gift to inspire? How about a zero-waste kit? The zero-waste starter kit by Seek Bamboo is a perfect gift for someone or even yourself! With one bamboo toothbrush, 1 eco-friendly floss, 1 tablet toothpaste, and 1 travel case you are all set for a month of plastic-free brushing. The zero-waste starter kit is a great alternative to the twice-a-day plastic routine. Hello sustainable smiles.


Gifts That Will Save Money:


  Imagine giving a gift that will enable someone to save time money, and energy. Imagine that this gift is also zero-waste and plastic free. This is a gift searching starting point that will always lead to something fun and innovative. Something that will always be remembered by the receiver.


Wool dryer balls 

Wool Dryer Balls

   Wool dryer balls do all three of those for you! They will reduce drying time saving money on the energy bill. These dryer balls can be used up to 1,000 times in the dryer, and they really should be a household staple. They are the perfect replacement for synthetic dryer sheets that have chemicals in them that can be irritating on the skin or even cause an allergic reaction. Single-use synthetic dryer sheets or all-natural wool dryer balls...the choice is pretty clear!


Bamboo Paper Towels 


Bamboo Paper Towels

  End the paper towel buying cycle. Bamboo paper towels are great for cleaning up messes and come with a great drawstring bag to facilitate and prevent damage to the paper towels when thrown in the washing machine! That is my favorite part they are reusable up to 100 times. Two to three bamboo paper towel rolls and you could be set for the entire year. In the form of a gift these could make someone never go paper to traditional paper towels. 


Reusable Cotton Rounds


Reusable Cotton Rounds

  Do you know someone that loves makeup? Reusable cotton rounds is the perfect gift for them. No more traditional single-use cotton rounds. These too come with a garment like mesh bag to keep them from getting damaged. They can also be washed up to 1,000 times! These can be used for nail polish remover, but best to separate them from the rest and dedicate the pad to nail polish. They comes in a paper tube and the cotton rounds themselves are biodegradable. These make a great zero-waste gift!


Charcoal Bags

 A great way to deodorize is with Bamboo charcoal bags. The power of activated charcoal is also a great absorbent of odor. Do you know a gym goer or may be a runny (with smelly shoes!). Bamboo charcoal bags are perfect for shoes, gym bags, or even leave them in your car to reduce the smell of unwanted orders.  Charcoal bags last a LONG TIME. To freshen a charcoal bag just leave it out in the sun for a few hours about once a month, and these charcoal bags are can last for years. These a great alternative to the scents and sprays we use in our house to deodorize/mask smells. Not to mention this a harmful way to block a scent. Why not just use a charcoal bag? The charcoal bag will not mask a smell...just absorb it. These make a great reusable zero-waste gift


  Gifting is a year around event, and as we spend more time with friends and family, we want to impact them in as positive a way as possible. This makes zero-waste gifts a great idea! They can be unique and fun way to introduce someone to a more sustainable lifestyle. Who knows...maybe they will pass it along as well.