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Zero Waste Shop

Zero Waste Shop

What Is Zero-Waste Shopping?

  As more of us are becoming environmentally aware and paying attention to the waste we and the people and businesses we interact with make, terms such as zero-waste shops keep popping up. We might ask what a term such as zero-waste is all about. It is interesting to learn that In the early 2000’s the idea of no waste transformed from an aspiration of recycling activists into the social movement “Zero-Waste” which took root in the USA, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world. Zero-waste is a set of principles focused on waste prevention that encourages the redesign of resource life cycles so that unneeded packaging is removed and products are reused. 

  There is a wide range of businesses which are going zero-waste. For grocery stores this might mean selling items individually and having customers bring their own bags or boxes or glass jars to achieve zero-waste grocery shopping. For coffee houses this may mean discount incentives for reusable cups or eco-friendly straws for that perfect iced caffeinated beverage . For some business or spaces this means using eco-friendly lights and composting toilets and off-setting energy use through supporting solar or planting trees. 

  In addition there is also a growing number of eco-friendly stores focused on helping individuals and families take the initiative and reduce their own waste at home. For example Seek Bamboo is an 100% organic and all-natural zero-waste store, which has happily put the planet first since 2016. Over 30,000 customers have happily ditched plastic and moved towards a more eco friendly future. Seek Bamboo has products which cover the household needs of us all including products for the bathroom, the kitchen, the bedroom, and products to help keep all those areas clean and sparkling.

Plastic Free Bathroom

  The bathroom is where we use many products intimately inside and outside our bodies. The bathroom is no place for harsh chemicals or excess waste. Do you really want to put a chemical you can’t pronounce inside your mouth or on your skin in the shower? Seek Bamboo's zero-waste shop has us covered with everything we need to easily renew our bathroom routine. From bamboo toothbrushes & plastic-free natural toothpastes to bamboo hair products that are great after using eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars.

Bamboo Kitchen :

  The kitchen is an area where many of us find we create unnecessary waste. Too often the food we buy comes in packaging on top of packaging. In addition when we are away from home we may be tempted to use products such as plastic silverware or plastic straws. Our need for convenience can sometimes get in the way of our desire to be eco friendly. The good news is Seek Bamboo has us a variety of options when it comes to eco friendly cookware and cutlery as well as eco friendly straws made up from materials such as bamboo, wheat, and grass. These products mean you can have your convenience without compromising your ideals. People tend to like bamboo straws as they wont get hot or cold with your beverage and they don't leave a plastic scent or taste behind.

Natural Cleaning Products

  Most traditional cleaning products are filled with harsh chemicals (which is why most need to be used in a well ventilated area). Why bring such harsh chemicals into our home when there are a wide range of alternatives. For example Seek Bamboo offers eco-friendly laundry detergent, eco-friendly dish soap, natural kitchen sponges and bamboo paper products. We can have clean homes without using harsh chemicals which can hurt us and our families. Did you know bamboo paper towels can be washed in the washing-machine and used over and over again? How cool!

Bamboo Home

  After a long day we all want to fall asleep in a comfortable and eco friendly bed. Seek Bamboo offers comfortable bamboo pillows, memory foam bamboo pillows, as well as bamboo bedding. It is wonderful to go to sleep knowing your pillows and bedding are from renewable resources which have less impact on the environment than traditional materials. Such knowledge will help you sleep deeper and sleep better not to mention bamboo will sleep cooler than cotton and is better at regulating temperature. When it comes to bamboo bedding the level of comfort is just as enticing as the eco-friendliness of bamboo itself.

  As many of us know, many of the resources we traditionally use are not renewable and end up in the waste stream which too often leads to overfilling landfills and polluted water sources. It can seem like this is an issue which is too complex for us to solve alone. The good news is there are many businesses which put our dreams of reducing our waste within our reach. If you are feeling overwhelmed consider making one switch to a product which is zero-waste. One switch can make you realize that eco-friendly products are better built and in some cases out use their plastic equivalent. Let Seek Bamboo be your one stop zero-waste shop for eco-friendly living.

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