Organic Bar Soap

  Seek Bamboo offers Organic Bar Soap packed with vitamins, nutrients, and essential oils that offer gentle cleansing for the face and body. With our most popular selling collection of Natural Bar Soaps, we are confident you can find an organic bar to enhance and protect your skin naturally. Our Organic Bar Soaps will leave your skin softer, more moisturized, and lightly exfoliated.



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Charcoal SoapCharcoal Bar Soap
Natural Charcoal Soap Sale price$12.00
Sold out
Lavender Goats Milk
Lavender Goats Milk Sale price$0.00
Sold out
Dead Sea Mud Soap - Seek BambooDead Sea Mud Soap - Seek Bamboo
Dead Sea Mud Soap Sale price$0.00
Sold out
Oatmeal Soap - Seek BambooOatmeal Soap - Seek Bamboo
Oatmeal Soap Sale price$0.00
turmeric soap barNatural Turmeric Soap Bar
Natural Turmeric Soap Sale price$12.00
Sold out
Calendula Soap - Seek Bamboo
Calendula Soap Sale price$0.00
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Arnica Soap - Seek Bamboo
Arnica Soap Sale price$0.00