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Why Bamboo Toilet Paper?

Oh So Soft

Our tree-free bamboo toilet paper is softer and stronger than cotton.

We Love Trees

Traditional toilet paper is responsible for destroying 27,000 trees daily. It's time to make a sustainable change.

No Inks Dyes or Scents

All-natural bamboo toilet paper the way it was intended. Say no to bleaching and chemicals.

Hello Seekers,

  I bet you're asking why we are giving out tree-free toilet paper? Well, it started with our deeply rooted commitment to increasing awareness around sustainability and helping others live an eco-friendlier life. We understand the big impact that the items we buy can have on our environmental footprint. One such product is the toilet paper that we choose to use each day. We now know how many trees are cut down daily to produce traditional toilet paper. This is why switching to tree-free toilet paper is so important. Bamboo grows quickly, does not need pesticides, and needs less water to grow than trees. In addition, it is harvested in a sustainable manner protecting plants and animals living nearby. Last but not least, bamboo toilet paper is all natural, does not contain any dyes or scents and is known to be as soft and strong as cotton. For all these reasons we have decided to have a tree-free toilet paper giveaway to help others continue their journeys towards sustainability. 

Our Customers Love Our Tree-Free Toilet Paper