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Based on 2557 reviews
Absolutely wonderful!!!

This is the best toilet I’ve ever had! I absolutely love it!!!

Good and bad

The paper towel we got is very much like cloth rather than paper. It is hard to break into pieces as napkins for dinner, but excellent for absorbing and cleaning! One roll lasts a long time. Just wish it were more like paper than cloth.

Very Good

Everything is well made and just what I expected in my purchase.

It's totally awesome!

Where has this product been all these years? It is not as soft as Charmin but close enough as far as my husband and I are concerned. We are just thrilled that it is saving forests of beautiful trees and homes for wildlife. We plan to use this the rest of our lives.
We are currently switching over to other bamboo products like paper towel and toothbrushes. God bless this company!

Great! Doesn't break.

I like this floss much better than the prior brand of silk floss I was using. I haven't had any issues with it shredding or breaking. It is very thin but that has been a good thing since it can fit in between all my back teeth. The spool fits just fine in my re-usable glass container from another brand.

Shaving Soap
Clean i.t.s.
Great product

Love this shaving soap. Does a great job lathering and gives a smooth shave. The smell is wonderful

Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bar

Lathers up nicely, has a great smell and hair looks good.

Works great!

We love our new dish brush. We actually use it primarily to clean glasses and glass jars. We live having this made of wood and not plastic! Yay!

Honey Gold Shampoo Bar

Love it!

I was hesitant to try this because some types of floss I get from the drug store I have absolutely hated, so maybe I'm picky about floss... but this stuff is great! Slight texture so I feel like it actually clean better than my old drug store plastic floss, but not enough to irritate my gums or make it hard to get between my teeth. I will be buying refills for this into the foreseeable future. Drug store floss no more!

I like it! Next payday, I’m getting more. Want to try bamboo towels next!

Jade Roller
Jade Roller

This little roller is amazing. Works great. Nice size to work with.

Easy to use and reusable, yay!

The Reusable Cotton Rounds are so soft, easy to use and effective. I am so happy with my purchase.

Soft but strong

Love this TP. It is soft, but strong, don’t have to worry about it disintegrating while you’re trying to use it. We don’t use anything else in our house.


This is the best bamboo paper I have tried, and I have tried several. Finally a bamboo that is soft and all while helping the environment of the planet. Win, win!

Great stuff!

Excellent toilet paper

Fantastic toilet paper

I just love this toilet paper. I can tell it’s of good quality!

My favorite bamboo toilet paper

I have a tried a bunch of bamboo toilet paper. Seek Bamboo has the best one so far

Great shampoo

The smell of this shampoo bar is better than what I expected, and it leaves my hair so smooth

Perfect gift for my friend

I gave these as a gift to my friend, and she absolutely loves them

Great makeup removing product

Love my reusable cotton rounds

So amazingly soft

These reusable cotton rounds are awesome!

Bamboo Soap Dish
Cheryl M.

The soap dish was what I was looking for. Love the bamboo.

Bamboo Toothbrush Holder
Remarkable. Will order again.

Awesome product

Excellent. Will order again.

amazingly super long-lasting