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Will order again

Very good texture, very absorbent! Glad we tried them, will continue using them.

Tree-free paper towels

I love your towels. I love that they are not made of trees. We made the switch and are loving it!

Great Product!

The packaging is recyclable/ biodegradable and the paper towels are much more sustainable than their regular paper towel! The rolls are large and last quite a while. They are durable enough to handle the jobs they are intended for!

Bamboo Paper Towels
Elizabeth P.

The paper towels work well, and the best part is I don’t feel guilty using them!

Bamboo paper towels

I really love that they are from bamboo and they work as they should.

My family loves this bamboo toilet paper, and I am incredibly happy!

So soft and good quality. Will buy more!

Bamboo toilet paper

Thank you, Seek Bamboo for this wonderful product.

Will order again

I'm very comfortable with this toilet paper. I will buy more!


It's incredible that bamboo can be this soft. Great product!

Vegan bamboo floss

Plant-based vegan is perfect and the floss is the ideal thickness.

Bamboo Charcoal

The activated charcoal picks up debris between teeth very well, effectively, and deep clean.

Bamboo Floss

This eco-friendly floss works really well. It doesn't break easily.

Eco-friendly Floss

Convenient. Easy to use. And not adding more plastic.

I tried this bamboo floss and it is fantastic. No breakage.

Stronger Than Ordinary Floss

I find it much more effective than the common store brands.

No plastic in the packaging and the floss works great.

Silk Floss

I am very happy that this product is made of silk, waxed with natural candelilla wax.

Great Product!

It does not cause gum irritation. My gums feel more natural after flossing.

The silk floss cleans better while not slipping into gaps too deeply.

Natural Silk Dental Floss

The strand is a little thicker, but this floss feels great. Refreshing glide!

Bamboo Charcoal Floss

It's easy to use and good for the environment. This natural floss won't easily shred or break and a hassle-free.

Smile looking bright

It cleans your teeth and has charcoal in it to help leave your smile brighter and fresher.

Wool Dryer Balls

Great alternative for people with sensitive skin

Bamboo Floss
Monica S.

It does its job perfectly. It does a good job of cleaning between teeth.