3 Zero-Waste Sustainable Products To Save Money & Our Planet

3 Zero-Waste Sustainable Products To Save Money & Our Planet


 There are many sustainable household products to choose from. For many of us it comes down to finding products that save us money. If we feel overwhelmed with our options we can choose three zero-waste items to start with. For example, we can use reusable bamboo paper towels to keep our kitchens clean. We can take advantage of reusable cotton rounds to make our daily beauty routines more sustainable. We can also use wool dryer balls to ensure we have the soft laundry we want without harming our pocketbooks or the planet. 

Reusable Bamboo Paper Towels

  Every year, Americans consume over 13 billion pounds of paper towels. That's a lot of trees that have to be cut down in order to have the convenience of standard tree-based paper towels. The good news is that there is an excellent alternative to tree-based paper towels. Bamboo fibers are gentler than cotton and noted for their strength and durability. Bamboo is also a plant that grows quicker than trees and requires less water and pesticides to flourish. Ultimately, the whole manufacturing cycle of reusable bamboo paper towels is better for the environment than conventional tree-based paper towels or even recycled paper towels.

  Two rolls of reusable bamboo paper towels can replace six to twelve months of paper towel use. That's a lot of trees that won't have to be chopped down and a lot of paper towels that won't have to be purchased which saves us money. It's also convenient not to have to stock up on paper towels, because few of us regard paper items as enjoyable to look at in our cupboards. Reusable bamboo paper towels are very easy to clean because they are machine washable, so there is no reason not to try them. For those of us who wish our money could go a bit further, switching to reusable paper towels allows us to keep our homes looking nice while saving some money.

Reusable Cotton Rounds

  Most of us have a regular skin care routine to ensure our skin is always at its finest. These routines may be as simple as using soap and water. On the other hand, we sometimes incorporate products such as moisturizers, sunscreen, or cosmetics to get our desired skin appearance. As a result, many of us find that our skin care regimen involves time at night to remove these products from our skin. This is so that our skin may breathe and be happy overnight. After cleansing our skin, we may use a nightly lotion and retire to bed. The challenge is that when we clean our faces at night, we routinely use throwaway wipes.

  We often don't consider the environmental impact of wipes. The issue is that disposable wipes are often simply discarded each night. Once they are discarded they fill our community's landfills. There must be a better product available. Organic reusable cotton rounds can help in this situation. It is critical to ensure that the cotton used in the reusable rounds we use is organic cotton. We can also feel satisfied knowing that the impact of reusable organic cotton rounds is amplified by the fact that one such reusable round may replace 200 disposable wipes. Consider what effect we will have if we move to reusable organic cotton rounds instead of disposable wipes. In addition, consider how much money we can save by switching to natural beauty products. Look no further than the best reusable cotton rounds you can find

Wool Dryer Balls


  The never-ending cycle of washing, drying, and wearing clothes before starting again can become routine. We might sometimes neglect to consider the environmental impact of laundry. Just think of all those plastic containers of fabric softener that too many of us use and which simply add to our home's garbage. The good news is that more and more of us are discovering environmentally friendly ways to do our laundry each week. Wool dryer balls are an excellent choice for those who want to take washing to the next level. Learn about all the benefits of wool dryer balls in our zero waste blog section.

  Dryer balls help us dry our clothes as efficiently as possible. Wool dryer balls can last up to 1000 uses, outlasting any traditional fabric softener bottle. Dryer balls also help reduce the amount of time we need to dry clothing which helps our clothes last longer. Dryer balls save us money and have a very low cost per wash since they can be used for such a long time. While we all want to do our part to protect the environment, it's always wonderful to find things that are inexpensive and fit into any budget.

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