drying reusable cotton rounds

Best Reusable Cotton Rounds

Best Reusable Cotton Rounds


  For those of us who use makeup on a regular basis, one part of our daily routine is removing said makeup each night. Often, we end up reaching for a disposable wipe in order to help cut through the makeup because we know that sleeping in makeup is bad for our skin. Some of the negative effects of leaving makeup on includes trapping dead skin cells, preventing natural exfoliation, leaving a dull complexion, and decreasing the amount of oxygen our skin gets which can lead to unhealthy bacteria. Knowing this, those of us who wear makeup pay attention to what are the best products for removing our makeup quickly and easily. Fortunately, when it comes to being eco-friendly and skin care. We can have our cake and eat it too!


  While we all know we have to remove our makeup each evening, have you thought about how much waste this daily practice can produce? One or two disposable wipes per day may not seem like much by themselves but just imagine how quickly disposable wipes add up in terms of our home’s production of waste. Also, disposable wipes are typically made with synthetic materials, plastics or polyester, that won't break down once we are done with them. One alternative to using disposable wipes each night is using reusable cotton rounds instead.


What Are Reusable Cotton Rounds?


  When we put the word "reusable" in front of cotton rounds it sounds like these cotton rounds are rounds made up of cotton or other materials that can be used hundreds of times. In fact, Seek Bamboo's cotton rounds are made up of both organic cotton fiber and bamboo fiber. These cotton rounds are incredibly soft, and instead of being used once and then thrown away, finding themselves filling up our landfills, these reusable cotton rounds can be cleaned and reused each night. Why would you choose a product such as disposable wipes that are tossed each time if you had other options? Seek Bamboo's cotton rounds even come with a cute mesh bag to hold them so you can keep them together when throwing them in the washing machine!


What To Look For When Seeking The Best Reusable Cotton Rounds?


  The first thing you should consider is what materials your reusable rounds are made up of. While this might seem self-evident in truth not all reusable rounds are the same. Traditional cotton is produced using a wide range of pesticides, including insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. In addition, some cotton is colored using a range of toxic dyes. When choosing a product that will be in contact with your face it is important to seek products made from organic cotton or similar materials. Your face does not need to be in contact with harsh chemicals each and every night.


  The second thing you should consider is durability and ease of use. You should make sure that your reusable rounds are going to last a long time. If such rounds can only be used a handful of times and then are tossed, they will not decrease your overall waste production. You also want to make sure that the reusable rounds you use are durable because you don’t want them to break down in your hands while in use. Finally, you want something that is easy for you to clean and care for. This is important because any product that spends a lot of its time being damp has the potential to grow harmful bacteria which is the last thing you want. At Seek Bamboo we break down how to wash reusable cotton rounds in order for you to keep them as best as possible for as long as possible! 


  The third thing you should consider is how easy it is to dispose of your reusable rounds. Some rounds can be tossed into your compost pile when you are done or used for other purposes around your home. The best reusable rounds are easy to dispose of when you are done because honestly if you are going to have to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to properly dispose of them, it is likely you will find yourself simply tossing them instead.


What Makes Our Reusable Rounds Special?


  Our makeup remover pads are special because they are made with bamboo. This makes them super soft when compared to other traditional products. In addition, choosing to use bamboo, means our pads can be made chemical free and do not have to use the chemicals that are often associated with the growth and production of cotton products. Bamboo is a plant that grows quickly and does not need added water or chemicals in order to grow tall and strong. It is important to find ways to enhance our skin with natural beauty products. Our cotton rounds make the perfect eco-friendly gift! Not sure which one to get? Don't worry with the bundle pack you can have one for yourself and one for a friend. These cotton rounds really do make for the perfect gift


  In addition, bamboo has natural antibacterial properties which helps keep our skin nice and clean while making it less likely that our rounds will start to grow bacteria. Our rounds are also quick and easy to care for, simply wash them after use, hang them up to dry, and forget about them. Our organic cotton rounds will allow you to care for your skin each night, as you remove your makeup, while helping you protect both the environment and your own pocketbook.