Bamboo Or Recycled Toilet Paper

Bamboo vs Recycled Toilet Paper

Bamboo vs Recycled Toilet Paper

  So you have decided to make the switch to eco-friendly toilet paper because you understand all the resources that are wasted in the production of traditional tree based versions. You are all excited and then you realize there are a wide range of alternative toilet papers and you start to worry how you are going to make the most eco-friendly choice without sacrificing a comfortable wipe. Sometimes having multiple options just makes it that much harder to feel like we are making a good choice. You might wonder if recycled toilet paper is the way to go. Or maybe you have heard you can have bamboo toilet paper instead and wonder if that would be a better fit for your needs. Before the choices make you head spin let’s compare bamboo and recycled toilet paper through their three major live stages creation, use, and disposal.




  While recycling is the way to go normally, we have to remember that recycled toilet paper still comes from trees which are slow to grow and are often not sustainably harvested. Bamboo on the other hand is a plant that grows very quickly, up to an amazing 3 feet per day. As some have said if you are patient you can actually watch Bamboo grow in front of our eyes. Bamboo is also a grass that replants itself removing the need to be replanted after harvesting. Unlike trees bamboo must be harvested to stay alive and is not destroyed as it is being used. Bamboo forests also produce up to 30 times more oxygen and absorb over 35 times more carbon than trees which have wider environmental impacts. Bamboo toilet paper is great because it is such a sustainable crop.

  Another area of concern is the amount of chemicals that go into the production of each type of toilet paper. For example the creation of recycled toilet paper also involves strong de-inking agents, and harsh chemicals such as BPA. These are chemicals that we neither want near our most sensitive skin nor polluting our land and water ways for years to come. Bamboo on the other hand is naturally odor resistant, antibacterial and antifungal, and even hypoallergenic which means that fewer chemicals need to be used to process it and turn it into the toilet paper you find in your bathroom. Bamboo is the best choice for those of us who have sensitive skin and want to avoid the uncomfortableness of rashes and itching or want to avoid having to go to the doctor as often. 




  When choosing toilet paper we all want to use paper which is strong and soft. One of the worst things to experience is toilet paper which falls apart when you are using it. The natural properties of the bamboo make its paper stronger than the paper derived from trees. Many bamboo toilet paper even come in 3-ply & 4-ply. In addition to strength Bamboo toilet paper is also softer than recycled toilet paper. Imagine what it would feel like to wipe with something as soft if not softer than a cotton hand towel. Imagine how good that might make you feel. When choosing toilet paper you do not have to sacrifice strength for softness or softness for strength.




  Traditional toilet paper and even recycled toilet paper have a tendency to clog pipes and become a major headache for those who are incharge of waste disposal because these types often don’t fully break down. Clog pipes on a personal or community level is not something to laugh at and can lead to expensive fixes down the line. Bamboo toilet paper on the other hand is 100% biodegradable which leaves plumbing humming away. Bamboo toilet paper both completely breaks down and unlike traditional recycled toilet paper its production does not create byproducts which pollute our communities for years to come. It is safe to say bamboo toilet paper is septic safe.


  When thinking about alternatives to traditional toilet paper you may find yourself trying to determine if you should go with recycled or bamboo toilet paper. While this choice may seem complex after comparing recycled or bamboo toilet paper step by step through their whole life cycle it is clear that bamboo toilet paper is the winner from creation, to disposal and everywhere in between. While choosing the most eco-friendly product is often a challenge in this case the answer is actually pretty easy and clear, use bamboo toilet paper.

  Try using it today, and feel great as you help move us all towards a more sustainable future without having to sacrifice strength or softness. Seek Bamboo offers a great bamboo toilet paper that is amazingly comfortable, and an order can be set up to be received on a subscription basis. Check it out today and you will be able to see why we love bamboo toilet paper!