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Why We Love Bamboo Toilet Paper

Why We Love Bamboo Toilet Paper


  Let's talk about toilet paper. Yes toilet paper. Toilet paper used to be a household good that we all used but rarely thought about, yet alone spoke about, unless it was to tell someone to pick up more because we were running low. We rarely thought about where our toilet paper came from beyond what was strong, soft, and cheap. Then a pandemic hit and people started to hoard toilet paper, production could not be kept up, and it started to disappear from the shelfs. Whole towns struggled to find toilet paper and online sources we continually out of stock. When traditional grocery stores got in a shipment the word got out and it was gone in a blink of an eye. We all became hyperaware of toilet paper and how important toilet paper is in our lives.


Popularity Rise of Natural Toilet Paper?

  As we become more aware we also started to realize the environmental costs of traditional toilet paper. Some of us decided that the way to go was to switch over to bamboo toilet paper. Now depending on the picture which pops into your head the idea of bamboo toilet paper may seem confusing. How could the tall woody plants that pandas eat be useful as toilet paper. Bamboo looks scratchy and uncomfortable. In truth bamboo can be made into many different products from sheets to toilet paper. Bamboo toilet paper is both softer than cotton & stronger than regular toilet paper. Such products can get you clean and will also be gentle on your intimate skin. Natural toilet papers has started to become increasingly popular amongst healthy conscious families. 


Bamboo Toilet Paper Benefits

  Bamboo toilet paper also helps cut down on deforestation. Traditional toilet paper comes from trees which take a long time to grow and mature. Cutting down trees in an unsustainable manner can lead to erosion, flooding, fires, release CO2  and lead to other environmental issues. Bamboo on the other hand is a quickly growing crop, it can grow up to 3 feet a day, and is a grass that does not require you to replant it after the harvesting. This forest resource also produces up to 30 times more oxygen and absorbs over 35 times more carbon than trees. Bamboo toilet paper is great because it is a sustainable crop.


Bamboo Toilet Paper is Chemical Free

  Bamboo toilet paper is all-natural and involves no bleaching or other harsh chemicals such as de-inking agents, BPA and other substances. Do you really want to use harsh chemicals on your intimate places? I did not think so. In addition bamboo toilet paper is odor resistant, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and hypoallergenic. The last thing anyone wants is to develop a rash or have another negative reaction to our toilet paper and have to make our way to a doctor or clinic. This is why bamboo toilet paper is so great for everyone including those who have sensitive skin. 


Best Toilet Paper For Environment

  Bamboo toilet paper is also completely biodegradable so it does not cause problems like traditional toilet paper. You can use bamboo toilet paper and not worry about it clogging your pipes or causing other damage which always costs much to fix. This also means that it does not cause issues in treatment plants or create headaches for those who manage waste. The more products we can use in our homes that are biodegradable the nicer a world we will be able to leave to future generations.

  Finally it is possible to become part of a bamboo toilet paper subscription which helps guarantee that you will never run out again. With a toilet paper subscription such as one from SeekBamboo, you will receive shipments as soon as you need. This way you will not be as impacted by other people’s panic shopping and not have to worry about running out or not being able to find some because some person has decided they need a room filled with toilet paper and won’t share no matter what. Think of the peace of mind knowing you will always have high-quality natural toilet paper available for your use.


You'll Love Bamboo Toilet Paper, We know it!

  While toilet paper might not be a subject that many of us wax poetically about it is a household good that we all use and that we all can’t imagine life without. Why not choose the best toilet paper that you can? Bamboo toilet paper is great because it is better for the environment, better for ourselves, is super soft and super strong. It also does not use harsh chemicals, is sustainable, and is hypoallergenic. Once you start to list all the benefits of bamboo toilet paper you will never want to use traditional tree based toilet paper again. This is why we love bamboo toilet paper! A sustainable household starts with easily changing simple bathroom items in your home. In case you were wondering is bamboo toilet paper septic safe? Yes, it is!