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Eco-Friendly Gifts

Eco-Friendly Gifts


  There are many occasions we give gifts including for holidays, special occasions, or sometimes for no other reason than we want to show our appreciation for those we love and care about. It can feel amazing to find a gift that we know someone is going to love but sometimes figuring out what gift we should choose can be challenging. What do we buy for the person who seems to have everything?


  The good news is that there are great eco-friendly gifts for almost everyone on our list, including those traditionally “hard to choose gifts for” friends and family members. Three such types of people could be described as the “always on the go” person, the “always in the kitchen” person, and the “happy at home” person. Let us explore some eco-friendly gifts that will be meaningful and useful for each of these groups.


Gifts For Those “Always on The Go”:


  We all know someone in our lives that is always on the go. They might be busy with work, play, family, or a combination of all three. If you ask them when they will next be free, they tend to have to check their calendars because there is always something going on. For these people we might choose eco-friendly versions of everyday items. 


  We might give various scented shampoo bars which are zero-waste and easy to travel with. We might choose to include a pair as part of our gift; A wild ginger shampoo bar to help our friend feel invigorated in the morning, as well as a morning lavender shampoo bar to help our friend calm down and have a deep and restful sleep. 


  We might give them various scented conditioner bars that help our friend decrease their home’s waste. We might include a citrus conditioner bar to wake up feeling great, or a green tea conditioner bar to pamper their hair and scalp.


  We might also give them an assortment of all-natural konjac sponges that feel finer than washcloths. We might add a charcoal infused konjac sponge for its detoxifying ability or an aloe infused konjac sponge known for its ability to soothe irritated skin.


Gifts For Those “Always Cooking”:


  We all have that one friend or family member who creates amazing edible creations and makes us wonder if they simply live, breathe, and sleep in their kitchen. There are a wide range of eco-friendly kitchen products that these people will be sure to love.


  We might give them an assortment of products to help them bring home, prepare, or store ingredients. We might give them reusable groceries or produce bags to take to the grocery store or some lovely beeswax wraps to use around their kitchen. We might even add a bamboo cutlery set so that they can enjoy eating their creations at home or on the go.


  We also might give them an assortment of eco-friendly items to help them wash up after they are done cooking. This might look like a bamboo dish brush, a bamboo soap dish, and a vegan dish soap bar. We might also include some bamboo paper towels so that they can keep their cooking spaces neat and organized.


Gifts For Those “Happy at Home”:


  Many of us know friends whose idea of a perfect evening includes curling up under a blanket, having a warm beverage, and listening to music or reading a book. For these friends the focus might be on products that are super comfortable and make them feel pampered.


  We might choose a set of bamboo pillows and bamboo sheets which are a great eco-friendly way to help anyone stay cozy each night. Bamboo pillows and sheets are better for the environment than cotton products because bamboo takes less resources to grow, harvest, and be turned into bedding. In addition, bamboo pillows and sheets are known for being super soft and comfortable.


  We might also give them a collection of products that will leave them feeling great in their own skin. We might choose bamboo reusable cotton rounds, bamboo brushes, or bamboo combs. They might also enjoy getting a jade or rose quartz roller. Or even a bamboo toilet paper subscription so that they never will have to run out at the last minute.


  As we can see it does not matter if we are trying to choose gifts for someone who is always on the go, who is always cooking in the kitchen, or someone who is happy staying at home. There are eco-friendly gifts, for any budget that they will love. With so many options we can DIY our own amazing gift baskets which are sure to impress those we love. Buying eco-friendly gifts is easier than you might think. Seek Bamboo has a  gift for everyone! Check