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FAQs To Discover the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Shampoo Bars

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Eco Friendly Shampoo

Eco Friendly Shampoo


  Imagine stepping into the shower, the water is the perfect temperature, and you may or may not be singing a little tune. You reach for shampoo to lather up your hair but accidentally knock the bottle down and all of a sudden your calming shower becomes a stressful one as it spills and you worry about slipping and bumping your head. Traditional shampoo comes in plastic bottles which while taking up lots of space in our closets and in our showers also pile up in our landfills and can take hundreds of years before they break down if they break down at all. For example in the United States, more than 552 million shampoo bottles end up in landfills every year. Or if not into our landfills the plastic ends up in our waterways where fish and other marine animals consume it. 

  You might ask what alternatives there are to traditional shampoo which comes in plastic bottles. One great alternative to traditional shampoo is shampoo bars which contain all the benefits of your favorite shampoo without any of the unnecessary plastic waste. Shampoo bars arrive in plastic-free packaging, last between 75-90 hair-washing sessions, all-natural ingredients with some scents vegan friendly! Shampoo bars come in a wide range of types for every hair type and every hair issue you might struggle with. No matter who you are or what you are seeking from your shampoo there is a shampoo bar which is a great fit for you. 


Eco Friendly Shampoo Bar Options

  When choosing a shampoo bar for the first time you might consider one of these eco friendly shampoos:

  Green Tea Shampoo Bars bring antioxidants and a vitamin blast to your hair. The green tea also helps rejuvenate your hair leaving it strong, yet soft. Try the benefits of the powerhouse plant called green tea.

  Honey Shampoo Bars moisturize and soften your hair.The rich antioxidant properties of honey help prevent damage to your hair and scalp while leaving your hair bouncing and feeling revitalized all day.

  Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo Bars extract toxins and impurities deep inside your pores with its potent absorption ingredients and its ability to exfoliate your scalp. Consider this your detoxifier shampoo. There is so much dirt and grime which accumulates as we go about our day to day all our scalps will enjoy a deep cleaning.

  Seaweed Shampoo Bars are rich in vitamins and minerals which promote a healthy scalp and volumizing hair. Naturally occurring vitamin E plays an important part in the healing and strengthening of hair and seaweeds natural hydrating qualities will drastically improve the hydration of the head and scalp. 

  Lavender Shampoo Bars help erase oily hair problems while also relieving congested scalps. And what better way to relax after a long day than the scent of Lavender which is known to both calm our minds and improve our mental health.

  Chamomile Shampoo Bars are great for soothing irritated scalps and leaving hair shiny and build-up free. Chamomile is also known to naturally enhance blonde highlights. Use a chamomile bar to make your scalp go ahhh as it sinks into comfort.

  Olive Oil Shampoo Bars moisturize the scalp while soothing irritation and are great for all hair types and will leave your hair at its softest and shiniest. There is a reason so many bath and beauty products use olive oil as a great natural moisturizer. 

  Ginger Shampoo Bars are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and essential oils that promote blood circulation on the scalp and hair growth. Ginger is also known for its ability to fight off dandruff. Good blood circulation is important for every part of our bodies including our scalps.

  Eco-friendly shampoo bars are the best way to take care of our hair each and every day. Shampoo bars allow us to keep our hair at peak perfection while also reducing our homes negative environmental impact. There is no reason to have to keep buying traditional shampoo in plastic bottles, which simply become a headache and a pain to deal with. So the next time you step into your shower and start singing that little tune try a long lasting shampoo bar in your favorite scent or style. I am sure during this moment of time filled with stress and busyness you and your hair will thank you for taking the time to do so. Everyone deserves the treat of self care right now and shampoo bars are an easy way to take a step towards the self care you might not always find the time for otherwise.

  Seek Bamboo believes that we can help naturally take care of your hair while minimizing the impact on the environment. Check out the collection of eco friendly shampoo and conditioner bars.