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How To Use a Loofah

How To Use a Loofah


  Some days when we step into the shower, we want a thorough rub down. Too often dirt and grime collect on our skin as we go about our daily lives. A good exfoliation helps us have silky smooth skin. Sadly, many of the sponges and bath poufs we might reach for are made from plastic or contain harsh chemicals that we do not want near our skin. To protect our skin in the bath many of us are switching to using natural sea sponge loofahs. These sponges naturally buff away dull, dry, and dead skin. Natural sea sponge loofahs give us the results we want without the plastic and chemicals we don’t want. Using a loofah sponge is an easy six step process that anyone can do.


Step One: Choose a Loofah


  When choosing a loofah, it is important to pick one that is multipurpose, and which contains no dyes, preservatives, or harsh chemicals. This is one of the reasons that sea sponge loofahs are so great because they have naturally occurring enzymes that help kill bacteria which means they do not have to be treated with harsh chemicals to stay clean. Choosing a natural sea sponge loofah will mean we are well on our way to healthier skin.


Step Two: Wet the loofah


  After we have chosen a loofah, it is time to get it wet. While both cold and warm water can be used with a loofah in general, warmer water will cause the loofah to get soft quicker. Also, it is important to note the more water we use the gentler the exfoliation will be so if we really need a good scrub we might use a bit less water, only dampening the loofah instead of completely soaking it before proceeding.


Step Three: Add Soap


  One our loofah is wet it is time to apply our soap or body wash. While we might think in terms of using a liquid soap, rubbing a bar of soap over the loofah’s surface works just as well. This means that we can use loofahs with all our favorite bar soaps such as a detoxifying charcoal soap or a wonderfully smelling lavender or citrus soap.


Step Four: Scrub Away Worries


  Now it is time to scrub away. It is recommended that we rub in a gentle but firm circular pattern which is known to help remove dead skin cells and is gentler on our skin than scrubbing up and down. The key is we want to gently remove dead skin cells and not rub our skin until it is raw. Exfoliation leads to a radiant and glowing complexion which is primed and ready for any moisturizers we might choose to use after. In addition, exfoliation leaves our skin feeling fresh and clean.


Step Five: Rinse


  Once we have scrubbed our whole body from head to toe it is time to rinse. If we rinse with cool water, we will feel more awake and refreshed; if we rinse with warm water, we will feel more calm and relaxed. 


Step Six: Clean Loofah


  The final step is to make sure that we clean our loofah so it will last. This involves rinsing our loofah in hot clean water to remove any traces of soap. Next, we need to make sure our loofah can dry completely. For some of us this looks like hanging our loofahs on a hook outside our shower, while for others this involves hanging them in a different room because bathrooms tend to stay damp for a while. We do not want to have a warm damp loofah because this is an easy way for bacteria to develop which no one wants.


  Natural sea sponge loofahs are a great way to keep our skin in its best condition. The exfoliation benefits of such loofahs remove the dirt and grime that has collected and preps our skin for our favorite moisturizer. Natural sea sponge loofahs are easy to use and great for the whole family. These loofahs are also zero-waste which means we can use them with confidence knowing we are doing our part to help protect the planet. If we are looking for a great product to use in the shower to make our skin shine and be healthy, natural sea sponges are the way to go. In addition, we can use them as part of our nightly skin care routine so even if we don’t have the time for a full shower, we can still make sure our faces are always bright and glowing. Make sure to check out all of our natural beauty products at Seek Bamboo