How To Use A Rose Quartz Facial Roller

How To Use Rose Quartz Roller

How To Use Rose Quartz Roller

How To Use A Rose Quartz Roller

  If you want to add a simple but powerful tool to your face care routine you might consider starting by trying out a rose quartz facial roller. These rollers are known to have a wide range of benefits. For example rose quartz rollers can help with the appearance of your skin. These rollers can also help your skin to maintain its physical health. In addition these rollers can help reduce your stress overall by giving you a mini facial massage every day. That sure sounds tempting in a world when we all are always on the go and have to deal with the physical and mental consequences of the stress that busyness causes. 

  So what are these rollers? Rose quartz rollers are made up of a piece of polished quartz which is placed in a handle for ease of rolling. Most of these rollers contain two different sized stones in order to provide greater flexibility in how they are used. While using such rollers may be a new idea here in the west, in other cultures they have been used for centuries. These rollers allow us to tap into an easy method to improve our skin and our wellbeing. 

  When you first look at a rose quartz roller you might wonder how you are supposed to use it. You might worry that it will be complicated and not want to spend a lot of energy learning to use a new product. In truth using rose quartz rollers is simple and learning how to get the best results when using them is quick and easy.

How to use a face roller

  The first step is to cleanse your face and remove any makeup, sweat, or dirt. This is an important first step because you don’t want to push such products deeper into your pores or into your skin. You also want to make sure you are starting with a clean canvas so that you can best see the positive results of using such rollers.

  Next use some serum, lotion, or facial cream. This is important for a number of reasons including Rose quartz rollers are a great way to make sure you evenly distribute any such facial product without wasting product by using your fingers. In addition such products help the roller glide effortlessly over the face and reduce any possibility of the stone pulling on the face. This does not have to be complicated; simply use the products you used on your face before investing in a rose quartz roller.

  Next when using a rose quartz face roller make sure you roll in an upward direction. For best results don’t roll the roller up and down on your face. You should start at the base of your neck. Apply gentle pressure to your neck with the roller, slowly move upwards targeting the sides of your neck and just under your jawline, moving slowly up to the base of your chin. Once you have made it to your chin proceed to gently roll from the jawline to the ear and then from your forehead towards the temples, maintaining an upward direction all throughout. 

  When you get to your eyes, switch to the smaller side of your roller. Roll your rose quartz roller from the inner corner of your eye out. The skin under and above your eyes is extra sensitive, so be extra careful to make sure you do not press too hard or use rough movements. Rose quartz rollers are known to help reduce under eye dark circles and under eye puffiness but they succeed only if you make sure you are gentle when using them. Make sure you take care of your eyes so that they can shine and sparkle.

  The final step is to clean and store your rose quartz roller. On an everyday basis you can simply wash your roller with a little gentle soap and then rinse your roller in a little warm water. Every once and a while you might find you have to let your roller sit in soapy water for a few mins completely clean.

  Once your rose quartz roller is washed you can use a soft towel to dry it. The best way to store such rollers is in a cloth bag or wrapped in a soft, dry cloth. It’s best to store these rollers somewhere they won’t easily fall and a spot that is free of excess moisture and heat. Many find that the refrigerator is a great storage place so that the roller is always nice and cool when you are ready to use it.

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