Organic Bamboo Cotton Rounds

Organic Cotton Rounds

Organic Cotton Rounds


  We all want to have clear, bright skin, to show the world. We dream of having skin that looks like it is from a cover shoot for our favorite fashion magazine. We all know how discovering a pimple has appeared overnight or that a fine line or wrinkle is showing our age can completely change our level of self-confidence. To make sure our skin is always at its best most of us have a daily skin care routine. But why is so much of this part of the daily routine dominated by single-use items? Organic cotton rounds are reusable rounds that can help cut back on waste without having to sacrifice what is so important to so many of us, which is maintaining a skin care routine. 


  These routines are multifaceted. Sometimes we include products such as moisturizers, sunscreen, or makeup so that we can get the exact look that we want for our skin. The problem is all these products can linger on our skin and clog up our pores leading to various skin issues that we don’t want to have to deal with, such as pimples and other blemishes. So, our skin care routine often also includes time to remove these products each night before bed so that our skin can breathe and be happy overnight. Once we have cleaned our skin, we might use a nighttime lotion and head off to sleep.


  When we remove the products we have used on our skin during the daytime, we often reach for a disposable wipe or a disposable cotton round. We reach for a disposable wipe frequently, but we tend not to think about the environmental cost of using all those wipes. The problem is all too often disposable wipes simply are tossed and end up filling up our landfills. There must be a better product we can use. This is where organic cotton rounds can come in.  


What Are Organic Cotton Rounds?


  Organic cotton rounds are rounds made up of cotton and can be used hundreds of times. Why would you choose a product such as disposable wipes that are tossed each time if you had other options? Organic cotton rounds give us the convenience that we seek as well as a way to take care of our skin. Organic cotton rounds are one of the best products that we can reach for each night before bed.


How Do We Care for Organic Cotton Rounds?


  Organic cotton rounds are easy to clean each night making sure they continue to be useful for months at a time. All we must do is use a little soap, rinse them off, and let them dry. Any of us can take care of our organic cotton rounds. If you think they need an additional wash you can throw them in the washer. Seek Bamboo's set of 20 cotton rounds come with a mesh bag just for this reason!

  It is important to care for these cotton rounds regularly. Keep in mind that the better that you take care of the reusable cotton rounds the longer their life span will be, and that it is was to take something eco-friendly to the next level of eco-friendly!


How Do We Use Organic Cotton Rounds?


  Organic cotton rounds are easy to use. We start by softening our reusable round with warm water. Next, we apply a makeup remover or gentle soap to our round. Finally, we simply wipe away all the products that are on our skin while smiling at the fact we are eliminating unnecessary beauty waste.


What To Look for When Choosing an Organic Cotton Round?


  Cotton, like plastic, should never be used for single-use purposes because most non-organic cotton is made with harsh chemicals and fertilizers. Why would we want pesticides being used for a product that will be so close to our skin? By choosing organic cotton we can be confident that our cotton has a smaller negative environmental impact rather than non-organic products.  In addition, the impact of using reusable organic cotton rounds is magnified by the fact that one such reusable round can help replace 200 disposable rounds. Think of how large of a positive impact we will make if we switch to reusable organic cotton rounds.


What About Activated Charcoal Cotton Rounds?


  Organic rounds come in different styles including ones that come with activated charcoal which helps detoxify our skin and help give it a healthy glow. There are numerous benefits to using activated charcoal and activated charcoal is added to many of the bath and body products we use each day. When we are seeking the very best cotton rounds for our skin, we should consider using activated charcoal cotton rounds. 


Organic Cotton Rounds In Conclusion


  Organic cotton rounds are a great alternative to disposable wipes and disposable rounds. Seek Bamboo offers two types of organic cotton rounds are easy to use, easy to clean and can last us for a long time. This means by making the switch to organic cotton rounds we can both have more flawless skin and lower our waste production. It is always nice when we can use a product that pampers ourselves while also pampering the planet at the same time. Making the switch to organic cotton rounds just makes sense no matter who we are or what our lifestyles might look like.