plastic free shampoo

Plastic Free Shampoo

Plastic Free Shampoo


  Everyone loves to warm up on a cold winter day by taking a nice hot bath or shower. There is something that feels wonderful about stepping into a steam filled room, grabbing our favorite bath products, and washing the dirt and grime of the day away. Taking a nice shower is a great opportunity to pause and have some time with ourselves. No matter what outside obligations we might have, we can leave them at the door as we step into our shower. This is important when it can feel like we always must be on the go working on work projects or caring for our families. A shower can be a sense of me time, and thankfully with plastic-free shampoo we can care for ourselves without harming the environment. With the average American using 11 shampoo bottles per year, and lets not begin to talk about toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss which are all daily used items...the need for plastic just adds up, but it doesn't have to! There are plenty of ways to get your best clean without the need of things that clutter the environment. Plus when you get plastic-free items, like at Seek Bamboo, you know that these items are without harsh chemicals, biodegradable, and shipped eco-friendly packaging.


  When we hop into the shower, we often reach for a wide range of products such as shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. The challenge is often these products come in plastic bottles that clutter up both our bathrooms and our planet since plastic takes hundreds of years to break down. It is important that we all make small changes to our buying habits to make sure we leave the earth in a better condition from when we found it. We might wonder what other options we can choose when we want a great bath experience without the often-hidden cost of so much plastic waste. 


Plastic Free Shampoo

   One of the most common types of plastic free shampoo are shampoo bars. These bars are long-lasting, made of all-natural ingredients, and are eco-friendly. Shampoo bars include a wide range of ingredients and are adaptable for any hair type. For example, we might reach for a morning lavender bar if we want a bit of extra relaxation, a bamboo charcoal bar if we want to extract toxins and impurities from our pores, or a wild ginger bar if we want to promote our scalp’s blood circulation and our hair growth. We can also have peace of mind knowing that all the scents for these bars come from natural sources, not harsh chemicals. Shampoo bars don’t come in plastic bottles and are shipped in recyclable packaging materials reducing their plastic waste to zero. If we want to go plastic free when choosing our shampoo, shampoo bars are the way to go. 


Plastic Free Conditioner


  Often if we are using shampoo, we are also using conditioner. This means it is also important that we find plastic free conditioners. The great news is there are also conditioner bars that we can use. We might reach for a citrus bar if we want to wake up invigorated, a coconut conditioner bar if we want to soften and deeply condition our hair, or a green tea bar if we want the powerful benefits of essential oils.  Also, like shampoo bars, conditioner bars are easy to travel with, so we don’t have to worry about leaving our favorite shampoo or conditioner at home because the bottle has too many ounces to travel with. In addition, shampoo and conditioner bars take up a lot less space in our cupboard or in our shower which can give us the joy of a decluttered space. 


Plastic Free Soap


  Finally, when we are in the shower, we are likely to reach for some type of soap or body wash since we want our bodies to be as clean as our hair. Again, there are several great plastic free options. There is something amazing about creating a rich lather with a vegan, all natural, bar of soap that can wash our stress away. There is also a bar of soap that is a perfect fit no matter what we are looking for, coming in many different scents and many different properties such as deep cleansing, exfoliation, or increased blood flow. Combined with a plastic free shampoo bar and a plastic free conditioner bar, plastic free soap helps us create a great all-encompassing shower experience. 


  Plastic free shampoo and other products allow us to have an amazing rejuvenating shower experience without harming the environment. Using products that allow us to be in harmony with the planet is a great way to pamper ourselves and our loved ones. We work hard each day and deserve to take a few minutes to relax and recenter ourselves. In addition, such products make great gifts that are sure to bring a smile to everyone who is on our gift giving list. In the end it doesn't matter if we are simply seeking the best bath products, if we are working hard to go plastic free, or if we want to show our love to others, plastic free shampoo, conditioner, and soap are always great choices.

  Seek Bamboo offers a plastic-free way to brush your hair too. With a bamboo brush you can detangle your hair without the need of a plastic brush. Bamboo brushes are very durable and you will probably get your moneys worth a lot better out of a bamboo hairbrush, but it won't be around as long as its plastic counterpart.

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