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  We know that we should be reducing our plastic use since plastic takes forever to break down, if it even breaks down at all, and ends up polluting everything from our landfills, to the oceans, to our neighborhood streets. We may have already moved to reusable bags or taken other actions but when we look at the shelves at our local grocery store it can seem like everything comes in plastic and we might fear that everything must come in plastic. In truth most of these products are available in plastic-free alternative versions and in a lot of cases these sustainable alternatives are just as durable and long-lasting.

  Plastic free shops such as Seek Bamboo sell plastic-free products in plastic-free packaging which can allow you to move towards a zero-waste lifestyle. Sometimes we mistakenly believe that eco-friendly and plastic-free products must either be outside our price range or not be as effective as traditional products. These ideas are Myths. If you are struggling to determine what plastic-free products you would like to try first don’t stress. Here is a list of several products which can put you successfully on the path of going plastic-free.

Bamboo Toothbrushes:

  Good morning, after rolling out of bed one of the first things you do is brush your teeth. But wait most traditional toothbrushes are made out of plastic...Yuck! What other options do you have? The answer is our bamboo toothbrushes which are biodegradable, have fun color options, and provide you the opportunity to support a wide range of charities. And if you are looking for the next level in toothbrushes you might consider our Activated Charcoal Bamboo Toothbrushes which provide the added power of absorption to improve your breath and smile. Bamboo toothbrushes keep your whole mouth happy while allowing you to remove unneeded plastic from your bathroom. 


  Every time we go to the dentist one of the first questions they ask is if we have been flossing. While we all know the saying floss the teeth you want to keep, and we want to keep our dentists and teeth happy traditional floss always comes in plastic boxes. There must be a better way to get our floss. There are several great choices such as our zero-waste dental floss collection proudly offering vegan silk floss and charcoal floss which are packaged in glass containers. Our floss is easy to pack and bring with us as we go on grand adventures. So go into your next detail appointment full of confidence while leaving the plastic behind.

Shampoo Bars:

  We step into our shower hoping to either wake up so we have the energy we need to face the day, or to relax so we can be calm and steady. Too often we find ourselves facing a shelf full of plastic bottles which always fall everywhere and which we know are not good for the environment. If you want to get rid of these bottles consider our All-Natural Shampoo Bars which come in plastic-free packaging, last longer than traditional bottles (between 75-90 hair-washing sessions), and are even vegan friendly. Recycle all those plastic shampoo bottles and switch to our easy to use shampoo bars.

Laundry Detergent:

  There are so many things which can make our clothes need a good cleaning, such as mud, sweat, or even that wonderful lunch we just had which decided to fall on top of us. No matter what our day to day might look like, from sports to office work we all want to have nice clean clothes to put on. The bad news is too often what is available on our grocery shelves are big plastic containers which are a pain to lug around and which use lots of unneeded plastic. If you are seeking an alternative you might consider our natural laundry detergents which arrive in compostable packaging. In addition our laundry detergent comes in biodegradable pods which means at the end of the day they are zero-waste and eco-friendly.

Dish Soap:

  When facing a pile of dishes we want a good dish soap which will cut through dirt and grease and anything that is caked on. You can have clean dishes while skipping the traditional plastic bottles. We have a zero-waste dish washing block which is made with all-natural ingredients, come in plastic-free packaging, and last much longer than traditional dish soap. Our dish soap bar can be used for dishes, cleaning sinks, cleaning floors, and even taking stains out of clothes or carpet. In addition our dish soap bar has aloe to leave you with wonderfully feeling hands. 


  Seek Bamboo's plastic-free shop does not end there! Offering a wide variety of products to lead a sustainable lifestyle. You will see that plastic-free alternatives can be just as utilized, and in almost all cases, are just as good if not a better product. 

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