Benefits of Rose Quartz Face Roller

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

Rose Quartz Roller Benefits

  With usage going back to around 7000 BC, Rose quartz has historically been understood to have many health benefits. For example the Egyptians believed the stone could prevent aging and others proclaimed that rose quartz can help reduce emotional stress, purify energy, and even in some cases open someone's heart. While these claims are hard to verify in truth rose quartz does have many proven health benefits. 

  Today, one way that rose quartz is used is in the form of a roller that can be used on the face each and every day as part of a beauty routine. These rollers are made up of a piece of rose quartz placed in a handle to make them easy to use and are used by simply rolling on the skin each day. So why should we use rose quartz rollers and what are the benefits of using such rollers?



Benefits of Rose Quartz roller:


  Rose quartz is able to support our health inside and out. For example rose quartz rollers improve skin health as well as improve skin appearance, and it a natural beauty product Let us look at some of these benefits in a little more detail.


Improved Blood Circulation:


  Good blood circulation affects a wide range of body functions from the health of our fingers and toes, to whether we feel warm or cold, to the appearance of our skin. Rose quartz rollers produce a gentle pressure which helps to stimulate circulation, so that more blood carrying oxygen can reach the skin and so that there is better blood flow to carry away waste products and free radicals from the skin. And if this was not enough this circulation and blood flow promote improved elasticity within the skin. 



Improved Skin Tone:



  Natural cold properties from rose quartz help reduce inflammation and swelling incurred from day-to-day activities. This is similar to the swelling of our fingers that can occur when it is hot outside. By reducing inflammation and swelling rose quartz rollers help improve the look and feel of our skin so that we can look radiante. 



Removing Wrinkles And Puffiness:




  No one wants to have wrinkles or puffiness especially on or around our faces. It is amazing how much time, effort, and resources we put in minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. Rose quartz rollers are able to simply and easily reduce these wrinkles and fine lines. This is one of the many reasons a rose quartz roller should be part of everyone’s facial routine. Say goodbye to your wrinkles today. 



Reducing dark under eye circles:



  We all have experienced times when we woke to find dark circles under our eyes because of a lack of sleep or a whole host of other reasons. Dark circles under the eyes do not make anyone look their best and when they appear we often reach for products to cover them up. But instead we can reach for rose quartz rollers which are known to reduce these dark circles and allow us to put our best face forward each day. Instead of masking these dark circles we can actually minimize them instead.



Eliminating toxins:



  No one really wants to think about all the environmental toxins that accumulate on our skin.  Rose quartz rollers can help us to respond to these toxins. These rollers draw away toxins and excess fluid from the skin, allowing a gentle toning and lifting effect. In doing so, those of us who use rose quartz rollers find we experience a temporarily tightening, firming and contouring of the skin in addition to a reduction in puffiness, dark under-eye circles and wrinkles around the eyes. We all seek ways to remove toxins from our lives and using rose quartz rollers is one such way.



Promoting lymphatic drainage:



  Many of us have never heard of the lymphatic system, but this system plays a vital role in helping our immune system function at its best. Lymphatic drainage involves fluid being transported away instead of becoming stuck causing a puffy appearance. Lymphatic drainage is also how our bodies remove environmental toxins that we experience each and every day. Improved lymphatic drainage is just another benefit of rose quartz rollers. 

  Rose quartz has been used for thousands of years for a wide range of health benefits. While some of these benefits are hard to prove such purifying energy other benefits such as better circulation are easy to see. Rose quartz rollers are a way to care for our skin from the inside out every day. Have you tried using a rose quartz roller yet? 

Seek Bamboo offers an eco-friendly rose quartz roller that will really have your face saying thank you! The benefits of rose quartz roller mentioned above really make this a great roller, and people have been using them forever! New to facial rollers? Seek Bamboo also offers a jade roller, and a light read on how to use a jade roller.

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