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Top 10 Zero Waste Products for 2023

Zero Waste Products 2023


  When making the switch to a more sustainable lifestyle we may want some tips on which products we should start with. This will enable us to feel less overwhelmed by our choices. We do not want to simply reach for the products we already use because we do not have the energy to determine which zero-waste products are most suitable for us. Whether we are starting from the very beginning or continuing to deepen our journey towards a zero-waste lifestyle it makes sense for us to begin with the top 10 zero waste products for 2023. There is sure to be something on the list that we all will find useful and convenient.

  1. Bamboo Dish Brush, Sustainable Kitchen Awaits

  Starting off our list at number ten are bamboo dish brushes. Most sponges and brushes sold in stores are plastic-based and fill landfills or end up in waterways as microplastics. On the other hand, stylish yet effective bamboo dish brushes are appropriate for all our kitchen or bathroom needs. With a replaceable head and plant-based bristles, it's easy to reduce waste with these compostable brushes. Bamboo dish brushes are a great way to reduce plastic use in kitchens.

  1. Reusable Cotton Rounds, A New Makeup Hack

  Coming in at number nine on our list are reusable cotton rounds. All too often when we perform our nightly skin care routine we reach for disposable wipes that are filled with harsh chemicals and that end up in the trash. Bamboo makeup removal pads are gentle, chemical-free, and antibacterial. What's the nicest thing about bamboo makeup remover pads? These washable cotton circles are reusable. Just toss them in the washing machine and hang them to dry.

  1. Bamboo Toothbrush, A New Brushing Experience

  Bamboo toothbrushes are eight on our list. We use toothbrushes every morning and evening to maintain a healthy smile. One billion plastic toothbrushes are discarded each year and remain in landfills for hundreds of years. Bamboo toothbrushes are a terrific alternative to plastic toothbrushes. Bamboo toothbrush handles are completely biodegradable, and the bristles are completely recyclable, making them completely sustainable. The bamboo handle is lightweight and resilient, and the bristles are ideal for brushing.  

  1. Wool Dryer Balls, Your Dryer's New Best Friend

  Wool dryer balls are number seven. We can say goodbye to single-use dryer sheets that leave chemical residue behind and welcome wool dryer balls. Wool dryer balls are hypoallergenic and synthetic-free. Dryer balls will also increase laundry drying speed while also smoothing and reducing static cling to our garments. 


  1. Zero-Waste Cleaning Kit, A New Way To Clean

  Sixth on the list are zero-waste cleaning kits. Zero-waste cleaning kits come with a reusable bamboo dish brush, and an all-natural bamboo soap dish with a vegan dish soap bar. All of these items are plastic-free and biodegradable. This is the ideal beginning package for transitioning to a zero-waste kitchen


  1. Shampoo Bars & Conditioner Bars, Hair's New  Best Friend

  Shampoo and conditioner bars are number five.  Shampoo and conditioner bars are simple to use and ideal for anyone who wants an all-natural approach to washing and conditioning their hair. Compact in shape and size they are also convenient to travel with. Shampoo and conditioner bars are a wonderful complement to a zero-waste lifestyle. Seek Bamboo offers a variety of scents

  1. Konjac Sponges, A New Level Of Clean 

  Coming in at number four are Konjac sponges. All-natural Konjac sponges have a finer texture than washcloths and are suitable for all skin types. Konjac sponges are embraced for their detoxifying properties. They are especially useful for oily or acne-prone skin. Konjac sponges exfoliate without irritation.

  A lot of people ask what is a konjac sponge? Konjac sponges come from a bulb root with a starchy consistency. These vegetables are then dried out and they make excellent face buffers.

  1. Beeswax Wrap, Food's New Lifesaver

  Beeswax wraps are number three on our list. Beeswax wraps are a greener alternative to traditional food storage. Beeswax wraps may be reused and are readily cleaned with cold water. It is amazing how many uses beeswax wraps have. Beeswax wraps are a fantastic way to limit plastic usage in the kitchen. 

  1. Toothpaste Tablets, Brushing Into The Future

  Coming in at number two are toothpaste tablets. Toothpaste tablets are an excellent complement to our twice-daily teeth cleaning regimen. These tabs come with an all-natural mint flavor and foaming action enhanced with fluoride, preventing soft spots and tooth decay. We can easily use toothpaste tablets with our compostable bamboo toothbrush.

  1. Bamboo Toilet Paper, Saving Trees Becomes Easy

  Coming in at number one on the list of the top zero-waste products for 2023 is bamboo toilet paper. Bamboo grows 1,000 times faster than trees. Bamboo fibers are softer than cotton, something we should consider when selecting toilet paper if we want a great experience. Bamboo toilet paper is also 3-ply, odor-free, and hypoallergenic. Seek Bamboo offers free shipping and plastic-free packaging which means bamboo toilet paper is a wonderful choice for us all. You can also save money on every order by setting up subscription service. Seek Bamboo allows you to pick the frequency of delivery and the discount for being a subscriber is definitely a higher percentage off than you see at other online stores.