Bamboo Kitchen

  Plastic in the kitchen? Times have changed, Seek Bamboo offers sustainable Bamboo kitchen items. Check out all of our reusable bamboo kitchen items like our plates, cups, and bamboo cutlery. It's time to ditch plastic!


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Bamboo Dish Brush - Seek Bamboo
Bamboo Dish Brush Sale priceFrom $10.50
Bamboo Dish Brush Replaceable Head
Bamboo dish
Bamboo Soap Dish Sale price$7.99
Eco-Friendly Cleaning
Zero Waste Cleaning Kit Sale price$26.99
bamboo cutlery set
Bamboo Cutlery Set Sale price$12.99
Dish Soap Bar
Dish Soap Bar Sale price$9.99
Bamboo Paper Towels
Bamboo Paper Towels Sale price$19.99
Reusable Grocery Bag - Seek Bamboo
Reusable Grocery Bag Sale price$19.99
Sold out
cotton produce bags
Cotton Produce Bags Sale price$0.00
Reusable Produce Bag
Reusable Produce Bag Sale price$12.00
beeswax wraps
Beeswax Wraps Sale price$18.00
Bamboo Cup
Bamboo Cup Sale price$12.99
Sold out
Palm Leaf Plates
Palm Leaf Plates Sale price$14.99
Eco-Friendly Bag Kit Sale price$34.99
Bamboo dish
Wooden Soap Dish Sale price$7.99