Tooth Powder

Naturally Cool, Effortlessly Fresh

Pure Protection: Paraben-Free, No Aluminum & Baking Soda.

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Toothpaste Powder


100% All-Natural Fluoride Free
Stain Removal Through Absorption
Proven Plaque Fighting Benefits
Easy For Travel
Revamp your Bathroom Routine

  Toothpaste powder has been shown to be as or more effective than typical tube toothpaste in fighting off plaque. This is because tooth powders provide very soft abrasion when brushing. Our All Natural Tooth Powder is Fluoride free to ensure you have a chemical-free sustainable smile! Seek Bamboo offers a charcoal powder toothpaste as well! 


  How easy is it to use Tooth Powder? Easily wet your Bamboo Toothbrush with water. Simply sprinkle Toothpaste Powder on your Bristles. Brush for the allotted time needed & Smile!


  Interested in a different sustainable brushing experience? Check out our toothpaste tablets.

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