Benefits Of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Benefits Of Lemongrass Essential Oil

Benefits Of Lemongrass Essential Oil



  If you have ever heard of the term lemongrass you might be scratching your head in confusion. Is Lemongrass from lemons or from grass? The answer is neither. So what is Lemongrass? The answer is the lemongrass plant is a perennial plant native to India and other surrounding countries. Lemongrass has long, aromatic leaves which are used in Lemongrass Essential Oils and includes subtle citrus notes; a pungent, smoky aroma; and a refreshing, herby scent all in one package. Lemongrass has been historically part of many asian dishes but is growing its influence in the west. Lemongrass also has many health benefits, some which might be surprising to you, that can help you inside and outside of your home. 

What Are The Benefits Of Lemongrass Essential Oil?

  We all have experienced stress. When our muscles are tight and our minds are running all over the place, and we have to remember to take a moment to breathe deeply because it feels like our bodies have forgotten how to breathe in the first place. These stressful moments are marked by feeling like life is unnecessarily challenging and are moments we would try almost anything in order to feel better. In such moments we might consider creating an at-home spa experience with lemongrass oil which has been shown to calm us and which has a delightful smell which wraps us in relaxation. 

  In addition to decreasing stress Lemongrass is also used to help us keep our skin nice and healthy. Lemongrass can be used both as a detoxifying agent as well as an alternative astringent. In addition, lemongrass essential oils can help tighten skin and minimize your pores leaving you with bright and more youthful looking skin. Lemongrass can also be good for our scalps and hair and has even been known to help prevent hair loss. While Lemongrass oil would be too potent in cases such as Lemongrass tea, Lemongrass can be used to soothe any digestive issues you might be having.

  Lemongrass essential oils can even be used to help with muscle pain and stiffness if they are diluted with a carrier oil in order to decrease any likelihood of irritation. Decreasing stress, smoothing our skin, and releasing muscle pain and stiffness all highlight why Lemongrass should be part of your daily spa treatment if you want a natural way to be at your best each and every day. 

Benefits For Your Home

  No matter how hard we work there will be times when our homes take on a musty, stinky, or otherwise negative scent. This is not a comment on ourselves, or our house cleaning, just a fact of having a home where we actually live each and every day. But just because this is something that we all face does not mean that we don’t do our best to rectify the situation when it comes up by reaching out to scented products. 

  There are many different room and air fresheners which are on the market but we often want to find simple and all natural alternatives to these products which often contain harsh chemicals or smell artificial. In these moments of time we can reach for Lemongrass and its natural, clean, mood lifting, delicious scent. 

  Lemongrass can make all those negative scents we fear, flee our homes and make us feel at home in our homes once again. And as an added bonus Lemongrass leaves our homes smelling as if we have just hopped on a plane and flew halfway around the world to paradise which can be nice when we want to escape everything we have to deal with in our lives.

Benefits When You Are Out And About

  Bugs are a headache that we could all do without. When we are planning to spend long periods of time outside in the path of bugs we often reach out for products to keep them away. We know that some bugs can cause illnesses but when we are reaching for an insect repellent we want to make sure we choose one that won't cause us more hardship by their use of harsh chemicals. In these cases Lemongrass comes to our rescue by naturally warding off insects keeping us happy and healthy while smelling great at the same time. What is better than finding natural ways to keep us comfortable and safe as we explore the wilds of the world around us. So go on that hike, or work in that garden, or take a long walk with a friend knowing you will not be bothered by bugs trying to crash your party. 

Seek Bamboo likes to use our lemongrass essential oils with wool dryer balls. Adding a few drops of lemongrass essential oils will leave a pleasant scent on all of your clothes and linens. In case you are it safe to use essential oils on dryer balls?. Seek Bamboo has you covered with this quick read