Dryer Balls

How To Make Dryer Balls

How To Make Dryer Balls


  Dryer balls are an amazing eco-friendly way to dry your laundry quicker and without all the chemicals that are used in traditional dryer sheets. But did you know that you can make your own dryer balls? The process is pretty easy even if it takes a bit of time. Wool dryer balls are great projects for ourselves as well as making wonderful zero-waste gifts that we can share with others as we get closer to the holidays. If you have already done projects with wool you are ahead of the game but either way by following a few easy steps you will be able to make dryer balls that you can be proud of. Give a gift that you know will be made with love and that will help your friends and family take their next steps towards an eco-friendly and waste free home.


How To Make Wool Dryer Balls


Step 1:

  When doing any craft or home project the first step you must take is to collect all your supplies together. To make dryer balls the main supply you need is ‘Worsted’ Wool yarn, Not wool yarn that is labeled ‘Superwash’ or ‘Machine Washable’ which will fall apart and turn into wool yarn tangled around all your clothes and not a tightly compacted dryer ball. You will also need a crochet hook or similar object in order to tuck in the end of the yarn into your ball, 1 pair of pantyhose you are willing to cut up, some cheap yarn or thread, scissors, and a washer and dryer in order to turn your worsted wool yarn into the final dryer ball product.

Step 2:

  The next step is to start to actually form your dryer ball. Start by making a ball out of the “worsted” wool. A ball can be made by winding the end of the wool yarn around your two fingers, then continuing to wrap the yarn around itself tightly a couple of times before folding yarn over and begin wrapping into a ball. If you want a dryer ball not a dryer blob alternating sides as you go otherwise you may find yourself with an oblong shape. Continue rolling & balling the yarn until you have a ball about the size of a softball. The size can vary depending on your uses, the larger the final dryer ball is the fewer you will need for each load of clothing. Typically something like 1 skein per ball should work. Finally tuck excess yarn into the ball carefully with the crochet hook so that your creation will stay together.

Step 3:

  While you might think that at this point your dryer ball is all done and ready to be used or given as a gift, in reality turning your ball of wool into a dryer ball takes a few more steps. First cut the full leg off your pantyhose and push the Dryer Ball all the way to the bottom, so the pantyhose is tightly wrapped around the ball. Next tie off with craft yarn to secure in place and add a second ball. Continue this until you have a whole row of them separated by yarn. 

  Once you are done adding your balls tie off the end of the pantyhose tightly so it doesn’t come undone during the wash cycle. Run your wash machine on the Hot water cycle. You can just throw your dryer balls in with any other laundry that can be washed on high. After you have “washed” your balls throw them into the dryer with the clothes & dry on the hottest setting. You may need to repeat the process of washing and drying 2-3 more times until you achieve a ‘felted’ ball. You will know you are done when the yarn strands do not appear to be separated & they seem to be ‘fused’ together.

  If you go step by step you will find that you can make your own dryer balls. There is a deep satisfaction that you get when you make something with your own hands for yourself or for others. Even if you do not spend a ton of time working on crafts or projects around your home, making dryer balls is a project you can do. Gather your supplies, make a ball, and then wash and dry the ball until the wool is all stuck together so it won’t fall apart as you reuse it over and over again. Anyone can make their own dryer balls and be one step closer to the life that they always dreamed of. Looking for some other popular dryer ball topics? From wondering how to clean wool dryer balls, how long do wool dryer balls last?, or is it safe to use essential oils on Dryer Balls, we have you covered. Jump on over to our sustainable lifestyle to learn about all eco-friendly products and tips!