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Safe To Use Essential Oils On Dryer Balls?

Is it safe to use essential oils on dryer balls


  Dryer balls are a great alternative to chemical heavy dryer sheets and fabric softeners. Dryer balls help clothes dry faster saving you both time and money. In addition dryer balls last for up to 1000 uses, which mean they will be faithful products for years to go. Dryer balls provide us a great opportunity to decrease the environmental impact of our homes and our lives. So say goodbye to excess plastic and chemicals which can be harmful to our health and the health of the planet and say hello to using dryer balls!


Using Essential Oils with Dryer Balls

  Once we decide to switch to dryer balls we sometimes wonder if we are going to have to give up having clothes which are lightly scented. In truth we do not have to give up the scents that we love when we switch to dryer balls, if anything we will find there are even more options. We are able to carefully craft the exact scent that we like if we choose to turn to essential oils. Now one common question around essential oils and dryer balls is can they be used safely together? The answer is Yes, with the clear understanding that you will have to be careful in how you use essential oils.. 

  Now you might become stressed seeing articles online which suggest otherwise but in reality it comes down to paying attention to which essential oils you use and making sure they have a flash point that is higher than the temp of your dryer. While dryers can range in temperature most tend to get to around 125 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. So when choosing essential oils to use on your wool dryer balls make sure their flash points are over 135 degrees Fahrenheit or whatever is the temp of your dryer. In this way you can have the peace of mind of knowing the essential oils you are using are safe. 

  So in the same way that you read labels before washing your outfits in order to know what cycle you should wash them at, if they can be ironed, or if they are dry clean only, you should read the labels of the essential oils you are using to determine if they will work well on your dryer balls. In addition make sure you are not over using essential oils because excess oil is more likely to cause a problem or leave a stain. When using essential oils remember a little goes a long way. While once again you should read the labels of the essential oils you plan on using in general some which tend to work well include Jasmine, Lemongrass, and Lavender.


Best Essential Oils for Dryer Balls

Jasmine Essential Oils (Flash point around 185-200 degrees Fahrenheit)

  When choosing essential oils Jasmine is a great choice because it helps us with learning, concentration, and even problem solving. Jasmine is also known to act as an antidepressant and provide us with anxiety relief, which both can help put a bit more pep in our steps. Jasmine is also known to help us get the deep restful sleep that we need. Try jasmine essential oils, which provide great benefits all day long, from waking up each morning to falling asleep each night, the next time you want to try scenting your dryer balls.

Lemongrass Essential Oils (Flash point around 160 degree Fahrenheit)

  Another great choice is Lemongrass essential oils. Lemongrass can soothe us when we are experiencing stress. Lemongrass can also help reduce muscle pain and stiffness when life has gotten us down. Lemongrass is also known for being an amazing room refresher. Try Lemongrass essential oils on your dryer balls if you want to take your room and your clothing to the next level and dream of far off places and travels. 

Lavender Essential Oils (Flash point around 156-166 degrees Fahrenheit)

  Lavender’s power is well known and incorporated in a wide range of products that we can use for self care and caring for those we love. Lavender has the ability to calm our minds when we are feeling anxious, stressed, or just in general under the weather. Lavender can help us gently fall asleep and stay asleep all night long which is why it is incorporated into many of the products we use before bed. A little lavender essential oils can help us refocus, recenter, and reboot in times when it feels like our lives are a bit out of control. Take advantage of using Lavender if your priority is settling both your mind and body.

  It's time to give nature and dryer balls to chance to transfer your laundry routine. Check out our complete breakdown of dryer balls vs dryer sheets and see why you should switch today. Or even if you need to learn how to use wool dryer balls we will have you on your way to a zero-waste lifestyle

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