do dryer balls really work

Do Dryer Balls Work?

Do Dryer Balls Work

  What is better than a warm fluffy towel after a nice relaxing bath or shower? Or freshly dried clothes warm out of the dryer? There is something about fresh laundry which makes us all feel good and makes us feel like we are treating ourselves to a simple pleasure. This unexplainable comfort is one of the reasons that those of us who are struggling with a mental health or physical challenge are often told even when we do not have the energy to do anything else to try to get up and put on some fresh clothes each day if possible. This is also why we have sayings like clothes make the person, which highlight how clean clothing can make us feel.


  While we all enjoy fresh clean clothes too often the traditional products we use in our laundry rooms are filled with harsh chemicals and irritants, that can negatively impact our skin, our respiratory systems, and sometimes even our nervous systems. Being forced to face an increase in the severity of a wide range of issues such as eczema and headaches is not fun for anyone. And many of the traditional products we use on our laundry come in wasteful plastic which also affects our household’s carbon footprints. It is not just those of us who happen to have sensitive skin who are concerned about finding new and better ways to clean our laundry.  


Do Wool Dryer Balls Work?


  For this reason many are seeking other ways to clean. Right now many of us are turning to wool dryer balls as an eco-friendly alternative to these laundry room chemicals. Dryer balls have a number of benefits including naturally hastening drying time, softening clothes, reducing static, and saving us money. Such environmental products allow us to care for ourselves, our clothing, and the planet all at the same time. It is always nice when we can find a win-win-win. At Seek Bamboo we strive to offer our community essential zero-waste products moving us towards having sustainable households.


How Do Dryer Balls Work?


  Yet some of us might wonder if wool dryer balls are worth all the hype and if they actually work. Sometimes products which are eco-friendly turn out to not quite work the way we might hope. The answer is YES, dryer balls work and are worth all the hype! So if they are worth it we may ask the question how do wool dryer balls work? Or put another way, how do dryer balls lead to all these benefits? Many of these benefits come down to simple physical mechanics. 


  For example, dryer balls roll around in the dryer forcing our laundry items apart, when they would otherwise clump together in one big wet mass. In this way they help increase the air circulation around each item in our dryer. This allows clothing to dry more quickly in the same way that a pile of wet towels on the floor will take much longer to dry than if the towels are picked up and hung out to dry. 


  As dryer balls tumble around in the laundry they also naturally soften clothes and linens, and gently smooth out wrinkles. This means we save time not needing to bring out our irons as often. And just like we find ourselves nice and relaxed after getting a massage our clothing is also nice and soft after using dryer balls.


  Finally with a little bit of care, dryer balls can also help reduce the pain of static. Dryer balls generate a slight steam effect in the dryer, especially if they are dampened with water before use, which helps fight static build-up. Static can be a real pain and a nuisance so it is always nice when we have products available to reduce this stressor in our lives.


Save Money using Dryer Balls


  So are dryer balls really worth the hype? Yes they are. Dryer balls are an eco-friendly and cost effective way to take care of our laundry. For example many dryer balls can be used up to 1,000 times or in other words 1 load every week for almost 20 years or 20 loads a week for about a year. That is a lot of laundry. In addition, dryer balls decrease wear and tear on our clothing when washing which means we do not have to replace them as often, saving money and decreasing what ends up in our homes waste stream. And our clothing feels fresher because wool dryer balls do not leave behind residues on our clothing like many traditional chemicals do. There are few other products which are able to save us money, naturally hasten our clothes drying time while softening and reducing static.